Full-service community schools: Vision is important

At Brooklyn Center High School, a couple of years ago, a small room was transformed into an optometrist’s examining room. On the first day it opened in January 2013, 18 students were seen, and 15 of them needed glasses. At last, those who needed eyewear had access to it.


This city bus will soon be a mobile grocery store

(Photo courtesy of Twin Cities Mobile Market) Soon this empty bus will be carting around food to areas that have poor access to fresh produce and other healthy whole foods.

In an ideal world, grocery shopping can just be an in-and-out trip, but for some locals, grocery shopping can sometimes take several hours. A local organization is trying to fix that by bringing a mobile grocery store to areas with poor access to healthy foods.


Task force weighs medical marijuana law

(Photo by Holly Peterson) A task force comprised of state legislators, health care providers, public safety officials and others met for the first time on Thursday at the State Office Building in St. Paul. They will review the recently passed medical marijuana law and field questions on its implementation.

The task force charged with ensuring a smooth rollout of Minnesota’s medical marijuana law began its duties last week.


TC Weekend | FMLY Fest, Irish Fair, Polish Fest, Pizza Lucé Block Party, Play on Penn, Art on the Ave & more!

This weekend’s lineup is a bit quieter than last weekend's, but no less engaging. From community gatherings and cultural fairs, to art crawls and music festivals -- there is a lot to enjoy this weekend! Scroll down to see what’s on tap; if you know of an event that readers should know about, sound off in the comment section below.


'My Brother Adam': Children's book written to help 'tear down the walls of prejudice' against mental illness

(Photos courtesy of the authors) Authors Linda and Nneka Onyilofor

Mental health has always been, at the least, a touchy subject among African Americans. As powerfully as it can impact lives, it doesn’t help to ignore or, still worse, pass judgment on people who suffer mental problems. Accordingly, Linda and Nneka Onyilofor with illustrator Aaron Gilmore have created a remarkable children’s book, My Brother Adam: A journey with schizophrenia (Radiant Heart Press) that can help adults as well as kids gain a constructive outlook on the subject.


Union vote begins among home health care workers

(Screenshot from video by Howard Kling) Home care workers filed for a union election in July.

Some 26,000 home health care workers across Minnesota are voting this month whether to join a union.


Some surprises in Northside air quality sampling results

Naphthalene detected near Webber Park, methylene chloride near Broadway and the city limits, benzene at many Northside locations. These chemical findings are some of the May 2014 results of an air quality study underway.


Minneapolis may restrict flavored tobacco products

(Photos courtesy of NorthPoint) Blong Yang 5th Ward councilman Blong Yang 5th Ward councilman addressing tobacco summit participants.

The City of Minneapolis could be changing its ordinances to restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products.

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