Dispensing medical care - and love: Pam White treats mind, body and spirit in the black community

(Photo by Sarah Whiting) "I encourage [women] to keep fighting no matter how many times you've been knocked down; stand strong even when you come up against any barriers; face life struggles boldly and with ... confidence. ... Remember, in life, it's about the choices we make. More importantly, learn to love and respect yourself so that you can set the standard for how you want others to treat you." - Pam White, words from the founder/president on the HER website

There's a love fest going on at Health Empowerment Resource (HER) Center, a small health clinic in north Minneapolis. And dispensing that love, along with health care, is clinic owner and nurse practitioner Pam White.


Minneapolis mulls gender neutral restrooms

(Photo by Lisa Jacobs published under Creative Commons License)

An antiquated Minneapolis code relating to the service industry forces many businesses to have gendered restrooms, but a policy change passed by a city committee could change that.


Major Taylor cycling club promotes biking in Twin Cities' African-American community

(Photos by Walter Griffin) Major Taylor Bicycling Club of Minnesota aims to increase biking participation for African-Americans in the Twin Cities.

Minneapolis’ love for cycling has in recent years drawn national attention — and those who closely watch biking activities across the country have proclaimed the city one of the best for biking in the country.


University of Minnesota officials monitor Ebola outbreak in West Africa

As the largest Ebola outbreak in history continues to plague parts of West Africa, the University of Minnesota and other colleges nationwide are adjusting their travel policies to comply with new recommendations from the federal government.


State opens medical marijuana manufacturer applications

Minnesota advanced in its plan for making medical marijuana available for patients next year as it opened up applications Friday for potential manufacturers of the drug.


Is Minnesota ready for recreational marijuana?

(Photo by Paul Battaglia) A young visitor checks over her dad's answers to the annual House opinion poll at the Minnesota State Fair.

Minnesota State Fair polltakers are narrowly opposed to the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state but strongly support same-day voter registration and lean toward increasing the state’s gas tax for road and bridge construction.


Jimmy John's workers launch viral campaign for paid sick days

Jimmy John's workers are using this poster to promote their campaign for paid sick days.

Three years ago, Jimmy John’s fired six Minneapolis sandwich workers for putting up over 3,000 posters publicizing a grisly truth: workers at the chain are routinely forced by company policy and low pay to come to work and make sandwiches while sick.


Home care workers announce victory in historic union election

(From video produced by Howard Kling, Labor Education Service, University of Minnesota)

On Tuesday, Minnesota’s home care workers etched a new chapter in the state’s history, alongside the miners who organized the Iron Range, the truck drivers who shut down Minneapolis in 1934 and the women who led landmark strikes by teachers in 1946 and 1970 and by nurses in 1984.


NEWS DAY | Who gets to sleep? High school vs. kindergarten in St. Paul

Does helping high school students learn have to mean making life and learning more difficult for first-graders? That’s the question many St. Paul parents are asking, as St.

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