59 percent of American Indians in Minnesota smoke, new study reveals

Fifty-nine percent of American Indian adults are smokers compared to 16 percent of all Minnesota adults. (Photo: CC/Flickr/Nick Perla)

A lifestyle practice among American Indians around the state has resulted in a “public health crisis.” What is it?


Women of color who ride bikes in the Twin Cities

Fatima on her bike. Photo by Debra Stone.

On a rainy Saturday morning two women are at bike work stations receiving hands-on learning about the ins and outs of bicycle mechanics. These two women are not white or Lycra clad, nor would you confuse them with the “creative class” that is associated with the biking community. They are learning bike maintenance skills at SPOKES Bike-Walk Connections (1915 E. 22nd Street) in the Seward Minneapolis neighborhood. According to their bulletin, this organization is an innovative community bike and walking center with a goal of getting more people biking and walking for transportation and exercise. On their wall is a picture of bicycle parts written in Amharic, Eritrean, Ojibwa, and Oromo translations.


TC Weekend | Fall Harvest Fest, St Paul Art Crawl, Underground Film Fest, Hmong Resource Fair, March for Immigration Reform & more!

(Saint Paul Art Crawl poster features artwork entitled Crow, by Greta Sandquist)

Ready or not, October is here and fall is officially underway! There are lots of fun happenings in or around the Twin Cities to help you enjoy the changing seasons. The events this weekend run the gamut, from fall festivals and caramel apple bike tours, to art shows and film fests. See this weekend’s round-up below: 


SEIU Healthcare Minnesota looks to its past in order to move forward

At a time when many pundits and prognosticators are declaring the demise of the labor movement, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota is defying the doom and moving forward. The 10,000-plus members of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota face great challenges, not only in the federal Affordable Care Act and the state MNSure program, but also in two new campaigns.


University of Minnesota employees rally for sliding-scale health care model

Unions at the University held a rally protesting the increasing premiums and deductibles of the University's health care, UPlan, for employees at Morill Hall on Thursday. (Photo by Chelsea Gortmaker)

Hundreds rallied against proposed changes to the employee health care plan in front of the University of Minnesota’s main administrative building Thursday.


Wondering what the Affordable Care Act means for your nonprofit organization?

Next Tuesday, October 1, is go live day! MNsure, the state’s new health insurance marketplace, will officially open for business. It is truly exciting to think of how MNsure will help hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans get affordable and comprehensive health coverage.


The Affordable Care Act, President Obama cares

Today at the gym I was treated to Sen. Ted Cruz doing his filibuster to supposedly protect Americans from the evil Affordable Care Act (called “Obamacare” by some).


Let them eat cake: The compassionate conservatism of Paul Ryan and the Republican Party

Michael Harrington’s 1962 The Other America told the story of two countries. One was a country of affluence, where people had enough to eat, a roof over their heads, health insurance, and the prospects of a good life. The other was a country where a quarter of the population lived at or below poverty, often were homeless, lacked health insurance, and whose prospects for a good life were dim at best. Both countries were the United States. And unfortunately 50 years later, not much has changed, with America still a tale of two countries–rich and poor, hopeful and hopeless. At least this is the conclusion of recent Census Bureau study on poverty in America. But despite this news, Paul Ryan and the Republicans want to gut food stamps and defund Obama Care. Yet the great irony is that the people they hurt the most are their own constituents.


SEIU Healthcare Minnesota celebrates 80th anniversary, welcomes home care workers

Home care workers and the clients they serve held a press conference Friday to describe how a union will improve their lives. (Workday Minnesota photo)

Service Employees International Union Healthcare Minnesota celebrated its 80th anniversary this weekend by welcoming home care workers who hope to join the union.


AFSCME to rally Thursday for affordable health care

AFSCME members at the University of Minnesota will lead a rally Thursday for affordable and accessible health care for all.

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