Bill to ban anti-gay therapy falls short, supporters plan to push the proposal again next year

University of Minnesota students led an effort to ban licensed therapists from providing sexual orientation change therapy to children, but their attempt this legislative session fell short.


Reflections of New Minnesotans: Immigrants in American society

On this week's episode, Julia and JP discuss immigrant communities, health care, prisons, and other current issues. [Audio below]

Local high schools to host University of Minnesota medical residencies

Family medical residents from the University of Minnesota will work in Minneapolis schools as part of a new five-year partnership set to launch next academic year.


Me and "The Girls"

Today’s guest post comes from Renee.

I am a healthy 56 year old person. I rarely get ill. I am not on any medications. My family history is pretty devoid of chronic health problems other than cardiovascular disease, but even that hasn’t kept many of my family members living to very advanced ages. I don’t have a family history of cancer or dementia. I will admit, with some sheepishness, that I don’t have all the yearly checkups a person my age is supposed to have.


"Ex-gay" therapy ban for minors fails at Minnesota Capitol, activists promise reprise in 2015

Legislation that would ban reparative therapy failed in the Minnesota Legislature in 2014 after pressure from “ex-gay” organizations.


Fund that helps pay for MinnesotaCare faces deficit

A state fund that helps pay for MinnesotaCare is estimated to face an increasing deficit in the coming years, the House Health and Human Services Finance Committee learned during its first hearing on its omnibus bill Tuesday.


Somalis resist cut to state task force for autism

A proposal in the Minnesota Legislature has some Somali families outraged.


Leadership, local economy and lunch shape Farm to School curriculum

Poking around is a persistent addiction. Though the geography and focus shift with time, exploring new terrain simply expands the possibilities. Thus, in my quest to spread the share the message of open government, I have had the privilege to meet with scores of great people who are doing amazing work on issues that include sustainable agriculture, the rural economy, the environment, children’s health, food safety, family farms, ethnic diversity — always looking for the open government thread that runs through just about everything – once you start looking for it.


MNsure's bright spots

As MNsure nears the end of its first open enrollment period, one thing’s for sure: it’s been an interesting ride. Little has come easily over the past six months.

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