MN Senate Rural Task Force November 12 meeting documents released to Bluestem Prairie

Yesterday, Bluestem Prairie reported in Senate Rural Task Force records no audio or video, keeps no minutes of meetings in St. Paul that in addition to not recording audio or video and not keeping minutes, the committee did not keep documents handed out at its meetings.


New Minnesota House committee structure unveiled

(House Photography file photo)

House Republican leadership announced the chairs and committee structure for the 89th legislative biennium scheduled to convene Jan. 6, 2015.


Who are heroes and to whom? An Indigenous perspective on Columbus

Last month, October 13, 2014, it was my pleasure to participate in a celebration at the Minneapolis American Indian Center. The occasion was the resolution passed by the Minneapolis City Council to have as a co-name, “Indigenous Peoples Day,” for what white U.S. society has celebrated as Columbus Day.


Senate Rural Task Force records no audio or video, keeps no minutes of meetings in St. Paul

The Minnesota Senate Rural Rask Force is holding meetings at the state capitol in St. Paul that are listed on the senate's calendar, being briefed by public officials and representative of powerful special interests about a legislative agenda, and receiving handouts about that testimony.


St. Paul aims to lead in workforce racial equity

Nearly $105 million in St. Paul City contracts was awarded in 2013 to businesses owned by people of color, women-owned, and small businesses, according to Saint Paul’s Human Rights and Equal Economic Opportunity (HREEO) annual report. That was about 41 percent of the “total business opportunity” of more than $255 million. Approximately 18.6 percent of this “total business opportunity,” or $47.5 million of the contracts awarded last year, went to small businesses; $38.5 million (15 percent of total) went to women-owned businesses; and $18.8 million (7 percent of total) went to businesses owned by people of color.


2014 Women’s Congress: Girl power goes green for future generations

(Photos by Sarah Ellen Miller)

Despite being a leading environmental policy expert, Carolyn Raffensperger said she’s been excluded from environmental projects because of her gender, and it’s happening to women across the board.


Post office closings call for national day of action

For eons we have heard murmurs, then shouts, of post offices closings. No problem, we thought, as we skimmed lists of closings in towns we couldn’t find on a map. Not our problem – we’ve got e-mail; we can buy stamps at any big box or grocery store; we’ve more delivery drop offs than mailboxes; we pay the bills online. Folks just need to get with the times.


Hayden-Champion ethics complaint process delayed

After the second hearing as part of the ethics complaint against Democratic State Senators Jeff Hayden and Bobby Champion, the process has been placed on hold. The complaint, filed by six Republican Senators on September 24, consists of two major allegations:


University of Minnesota student representatives now sit on Southeast Como, Marcy-Holmes boards

(Photo by Michael Hicks published under Creative Commons License)

The Southeast Como Improvement Association officially approved student voting positions Wednesday evening, a policy change neighborhood leaders say represents the growing role University of Minnesota students are playing in the area.


Daudt is Republican choice for speaker; Peppin majority leader

(Photo by Paul Battaglia) House Speaker-designate Kurt Daudt and House Majority Leader-elect Joyce Peppin are surrounded by members of the Republican caucus at a Nov. 7 news conference after their leadership elections.

Rep. Kurt Daudt is expected to be the next speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives.

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