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Our veterans, our stories: Veterans Voices Month

Minnesota has led the way on many issues, one of the most recent being the designation of October as Veterans’ Voices Month to honor those who served in the military.


Reflections of New Minnesotans: African World AIDS Day event set for Nov. 1

African World AIDS Day was started as a way to reach out to communities affected by the global AIDS crisis, who otherwise might not attend World AIDS Day events. The guests this week are Abdullahi Sheikh, Pillsbury United Communities community health organizer, and Tom Bichanga, Director of Outreach and Prevention for the Aliveness Project. [Audio below]

Minnesota Africans tackle Ebola

Hundreds of local residents gathered at the North Hennepin Community college Saturday evening for an Ebola information session organized by the Minnesota Africans Against Ebola Task Force and the Minnesota Department of Health.


When it comes to climate change, our feelings do matter

If you’re anything like me, you’re seeing daily headlines about climate change and the catastrophic consequences. When you see another article about species extinction, or sea level rise, or increasingly severe storms, do you stop and click through, or do you wince and scroll quickly down the page in favor of cat videos or that new Marcel the Shell video?


Ebola and E. Coli

Ebola has killed one person in the United States, and two more are infected and being treated. E. coli killed two children in Oregon in September, and at least one more child is in serious condition. The CDC estimates that every year almost 48 million Americans get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die from food-borne illnesses, including E.coli, salmonella, campylobacter and others.


Minneapolis gets new sibling in Somalia

(Photo by Zachary Bielinski) People applaud after the Minneapolis City Council votes to become a sister city with Bosaso, Somalia, on Oct. 17, 2014. It's the first sister city arrangement between the U.S. and Somalia.

Minneapolis became sisters with a Somali counterpart on Friday — becoming the first city in the country to do so — in an effort to strengthen international ties with Somali-American residents.


Minnesota groups set up Ebola aid, outreach

(Photo by Francisco Javier Argel published under Creative Commons License)

As Ebola rages on, Minnesotans are shipping massive containers filled with hundreds of thousands of meals, facemasks and gloves to areas overseas affected by the deadly virus.


Q & A with Al Franken: Candidate shares his record on issues affecting East Africans

(Photo: Courtesy Al Franken Campaign) United States Senator Al Franken who is seeking a second term poses with members of the East African community at a past event.

What do you do in your office as a United States Senator?

As one of your two United States Senators, I have been working hard to pass laws that help all Minnesotans do better. My office also works with Minnesotans who need help navigating federal programs and services, including helping Minnesotans who are having trouble with issues such as immigration, social security, and Medicare. It has been an honor to serve Minnesota for the past five years. I’ve worked hard and gotten a lot done, but we can’t stop now. That’s why I’m hoping to be reelected to another term this November.


OPINION | Ebola: Precautionary measures needed to save families and community

The recent Ebola case of Mr. Thomas Eric Duncan in Dallas, Texas raises concern and fear in the West African Community, particularly in the Liberian Community, because of the stigma that Liberians are transporting Ebola to the United States. Today it is Mr. Duncan; tomorrow could be another West African, particularly a Liberian, since the Ebola epidemic is still high in Liberia.


Twin Cities' West African community confronts misconceptions after first U.S. Ebola case diagnosed

(MinnPost photos by Ibrahim Hirsi) Kellita Whisnant, owner and operator of Mama Ti’s African Kitchen in Brooklyn Park, fights to keep restaurant open despite misconception of her community.

Kellita Whisnant, owner and operator of Mama Ti’s African Kitchen in Brooklyn Park, has been calling her father in the Ebola-battered Liberia several times a week for the past two months — all to no avail.

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