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1,000 march in Minneapolis to protest Israeli bombing of Gaza

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More than 1,000 people of many ethnic groups and many faiths gathered at 44th and Central in Northeast Minneapolis to rally in support of the Palestinian people on the day Israel invaded Gaza with army troops. The death toll is estimated at 274 Palestinians, mostly children and women, and two Israelis. The rally was organized by the Anti-War Committee.


Minnesota’s Palestinian and Jewish communities react to escalating clashes in Mideast

Meredith Aby-Keirstead, spokesperson of the Anti-War Committee that organized the Tuesday demonstration. (MinnPost photo by Ibrahim Hirsi)

Escalating violence in the Mideast is prompting local demonstrations of solidarity with Palestinians as well as reactions from Minnesota lawmakers and a leader in state’s Jewish community.


Transpo Convo with Mohamed: Learning about rider experience from Nairobi’s matatu culture

Welcome to the very first Transpo Convo! This is a brand new ongoing series in which I interview people about their transportation use. In this first installment I share a few highlights from my conversation with Mohamed F., where we gab about bike lanes, transit pricing, and what Metro Transit could learn about rider experience from Nairobi’s matatu culture.


Lands End Pasty Company: For Brit foodies, a new Dinkytown destination

Lands End Pasty Company co-owner John Earl makes pasties on July 7, 2014, at the newly opened shop in Dinkydale Mall. Earl began making the savory meat pies after tasting them on a trip to Cornwall, England, four years ago. (Photo by Holly Peterson)

For six months straight, John Earl ate more savory pies than he could stomach in search of the perfect crust.


Murdered Palestinian teen's family protest in Minneapolis, demand US cut Israeli aid

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In Minneapolis, family and friends of Mohammad AbuKhdar took to the streets to protest after the Palestinian teen was kidnapped by Israeli settlers, tortured, forced to drink gasoline and burned to death. This was shortly after the bodies of three Israeli teens were discovered, allegedly killed by Palestinians. The Israeli government has launched a series of retaliatory raids against the Palestinians.


July 21: Learn from Jews around the world, in the Twin Cities!

Political and economic instability in Europe are in the news, and a lot of people are wondering, to borrow the well-known phrase: “What does it all mean for the Jews?”


COMMUNITY VOICES | Minnesota Kurds Want Independent Kurdistan, Worry for Relatives In Iraq

Photos By: 
Jay Clark

Minnesota Kurds Hope that this flag is soon flying over an independent Kurdistan

Since the early 1990’s, a thriving community of Minnesota Kurds has grown  around the Moorhead area, and today numbers more than 1100.  Most of the Minnesota Kurds are from Iraqi Kurdistan


With the arrival of the crescent moon, a period of deep reflection begins

Khalid Mohamed, left, and Liban Adam will be involved this month in working with raising funds for people in Somalia, who don’t have the means to buy food during Ramadan. (MinnPost photo by Ibrahim Hirsi)

When the anticipated birth of the new crescent moon of Ramadan occurred Saturday, Liban Adam and Khalid Mohamed moved forward with their plan for the holy month: To help ensure that poor Muslims have food on the table after long days of fasting.


Drone protest trial, day 2 - with a verdict

The jury was out for only 30 minutes – the shortest deliberation I’ve experienced in at least 7 other jury trials. When Judge William Price made clear before the noon break that he wouldn’t permit jury instructions which would allow jurors to consider our justification, it was almost certain to me that we would be convicted. That is why we had started out day 2 of our St. Patrick’s Day 7 Drone Protest trial with what is referred to as an “offer of proof”.


Doing time in Des Moines, part two

Judge William Price bragged about the new, “at least 3 star”, jail that Polk County, Iowa runs. He smiles and exchanges pleasantries with us and our lawyers as the deputies are collecting the paperwork to haul us off to his self-described plush accommodations. Obviously he has never entered as a “paying customer”! I’d love to see if he has the cojones to spend 2-3 days inside, incognito, before he sends anyone else to that jail. Same for the Prosecutor (although, in fairness, he only recommended a fine for our conviction on trespass) as well as all the COs (Corrections Officers) and staff at Polk County’s “finest”.

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