University employees won't receive benefits for same-sex domestic partners next year

University professor Benjamin Munson and his partner Kevin Burk look through used books at the Twin Cities Pride festival June 28, 2014. Munson and Burk received domestic partnership benefits before they got married last summer. (Photo by Lisa Persson)

Before professor Benjamin Munson married his partner last summer, the two received University of Minnesota health benefits for being in a same-sex domestic partnership.


Report: Anti-LGBT Archbishop Nienstedt being investigated for gay relationships

Embattled Archbishop John Nienstedt is facing a church investigation into whether he had inappropriate same-sex relationships with fellow clergy while he was engaged in anti-LGBT advocacy, according to Commonweal, the oldest Catholic journal in the United States.


Loon-Kihne: Via Civis Communications, Minnesota Family Council made $11,764 Comcast media buy

House District 48B primary challenger Sheila Kihne and her allies like to claim her bid to topple incumbent Republican state representative Jenifer Loon isn't about Loon's 2013 vote for marriage equality.


Minneapolis Pride

The Twin Cities Pride parade marches down Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis tomorrow. To mark the occasion, MnDOT usually switches the lighting on the underside of the I-35W bridge to a rainbow pattern. The first time it did this was in 2011. This is a short timelapse film I made showing the bridge from a vantage point overlooking Mill Ruins Park.


Minnesota evangelical group says it will cure HIV at Twin Cities Pride

Trinity Works, an evangelical group planning an mass “ex-gay” conversion outreach at Twin Cities Pride, recently told a church congregation that it’s outreach workers will cure HIV during Pride.


TC Weekend | Twin Cities Jazz Fest, Twin Cities Pride Fest, Beer Dabbler, MN Food Truck Fair and more!

Updated: 6/27/2014 2:19 pm


Can you believe we're almost at the end of June? Time flies, so spend it wisely -- get out and enjoy some of the outdoor happenings around the cities. This weekend offers two big festivals -- the Twin Cities Pride Fest in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities Jazz Fest in Saint Paul, along with other fun happenings around town. Just like the last couple of weekends, this weekend might be a bit wet so plan accordingly.


GOP outreach: Lietenant governor candidate once asked activists to harass MN Women for Kerry rally

Bluestem is beginning to wonder about the Republican Party's commitment to be more inclusive interms of demographics, in that some of the candidates in the governor's race--and their running mates--aren't exactly star graduates of human relations seminars.


Turning anti-gay hate into love with a Loring Park memorial to Joel Larson

Friends and family of Joel Larson have started a campaign to remember the energetic and dynamic young gay man who lost his life to anti-LGBT hate in Minneapolis’ Loring Park in 1991.


'Whose Diversity?' resists cooptation, wants more than 'sprinkling a few faces of color in catalogues' for University of Minnesota

“Whose Diversity?” members (l-r) Rahsaan Mahadeo and Tori Hong (Photo by Charles Hallman)

The issue of diversity is ever-present at the University of Minnesota. However, this may be the only thing both top administrators and a diverse group of students can easily agree upon.


Grease Rag: Safe cycling for women/trans/femme folks

Having a "safer space," according to Julia Winkels, means "one that is intentionally a place of respect and compassion, that goes beyond being polite or tolerant. We are making sure [people] are being respected and getting what they need," she said.

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