St. Paul: East Side transit group awarded for inclusion

After six months of work on the east side of St. Paul, Fostering an East Side Transit Equity Conversation (FESTEC) will receive its first award. The Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership Award is given annually by the local Chapter of WTS International. Founded in 1977, WTS is dedicated to building the future of transportation through the overall advancement of women. The annual awards process recognizes local individuals or organizations, and local winners are placed in contention for the international award to be given later in the year.


Women and poverty

We are sometimes asked why people are homeless. The simple answer is that people are homeless because they don’t have homes – and they often don’t have homes because they can’t pay for them. Homelessness, or at least housing insecurity, and poverty are intertwined.



My father and I used to go door-to-door delivering wafers in a tiny gold case. I imagined my father gave me this job to make me feel special when all of the older kids went to school. When they disappeared behind the doors of St. Mark’s School with their starched uniforms and shiny pencil cases, I felt left out. As a remedy, my father quickly got me started in the business of delivering communion to neighborhood elders.


Sisters in crime: Twin Cities writers are clued into camaraderie and connecting

"Visual artists have found cooperative arrangements for work, studio space and housing; why couldn't local crime writers find ways to share their expertise and experience and contribute to a rising tide that lifts all boats?" is how Erin Hart, Minnesota author, describes the Twin Cities chapter of Sisters in Crime (TC SinC).


Upcoming health conference to address specific concerns of Black women

Happy, healthy, family, friends, community, intergenerational, motivational: These are a few words used to describe the upcoming March 19 conference sponsored by Neighborhood HealthSource and many others. The conference is titled “Loving Yourself, Staying Well,” and those simple words seem to be a popular topic of conversation these days.


Desperate times and transitions of global dimensions

This trip to Ethiopia is coming to an end in a few days from now. In the moment I feel some sadness about that need to say goodbye, but it’s also about the state of things here, Africa as a whole and how that reflects the state of the world. I know that I have a certain perspective influenced by the environmental, peace and human rights movements I have actively been a part for most of my apology for that really. From my perspective, and I am not alone on this, there is a catastrophe unfolding now that has not peaked yet. It is like watching an accident in slow motion with silent screams that cannot interrupt our slide into chaos.


Giving women the tools to succeed

Beth Peterson, manager of adult basic education for the Arrowhead Economic Development Agency, testifies March 6 before House Jobs and Economic Development Finance and Policy Committee on Rep. Will Morgan’s bill, HF2291, which would promote women’s economic self-sufficiency in high-wage, high-demand, non-traditional occupations. (Photo by Paul Battaglia)

Imagine a young girl standing patiently by as her father works on a car in their garage. She fetches any tool he needs and has memorized each one just to be a better helper. One day, she finally asks if he’ll teach her to work on cars and he says, “You’ll get dirty. Girls don’t work on cars.”


Rally for anti-bullying bill draws hundreds to Capitol

Hundreds of people rallied at the Capitol Monday (March 3) to urge lawmakers to pass the “Safe and Supportive Schools Act” — also known as the anti-bullying bill.


Single moms march for higher wages

Bitter, near zero weather couldn’t stop these single mothers and other low-wage workers from flooding a Walmart parking lot, calling on the store to raise wages. Many single mothers are working more than one low-wage job to support their families. In addition to urging Walmart to raise its wages, moms want the nation's largest retailer to call on lawmakers to raise the minimum wage. It would not only help provide breathing room to pay for daily necessities, in some cases, it would give workers a chance to start saving money for the future.

MN VIDEOS | Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf grand opening by Minneapolis teens

Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf was created and is run through the Brian Coyle Center by East African women between the ages of 14 and 23 who reside in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis.

GRAND OPENING: Friday, February 28, 4-6:30 p.m. at African Development Center, 1931 South 5th Street, Minneapolis, MN

The planning process began more than a year ago when they girls decided that they wanted to build something positive in the neighborhood for other girls. The focus of this social enterprise on personal and professional development, women and youth empowerment, and business skills from customer service to event planning and more taught the girls skills they can use in the future. While the colorful variety of scarves, dresses, blouses, jackets, and accessories in various styles and sizes are meant to provide worthwhile affordable clothing options for the students and others in the neighborhood.

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