You said 'rape' twice

You’re a rich white man, and you’ve raped someone less important and more female than you are. And now the authorities are daring to treat you — yes, you! — as if you were some sort of common, middle-class rapist. Who can you turn to? Who will defend you? Who will fight for the rich, well-connected white rapist?

Bernard-Henri Lévy, that’s who!


MN war on women: possible veto override?

The Minnesota legislature has passed two bills that attack a women's right to make reproductive choices. One bill removes a women's access to abortion services solely because she is poor. This eliminates equality that is long established in MN and is unconstitutional.


Stay on the right side of the road please.

I wonder if our Minnesota legislators are listening to us today. Really listening. I have been e-mailing fast and furiously. My message was short and sweet. Please VOTE NO to the marriage amendment. Be thoughtful about the future of Minnesota and do not drag us into an unnecessary civil rights debate when the facts are already clear. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly.


Gingrich gets glitter-bombed by pro-gay protester

At a book signing in downtown Minneapolis on Tuesday, presidential candidate Newt Gingrich found himself covered in glitter.


'That's not pro-liberty': Conservatives come out against GOP marriage amendment

While state Republicans are spearheading the contentious move to put a constitutional amendment barring same-sex marriage on the ballot next year, not all conservatives are behind them.


DFLers offer bill to repeal state Defense of Marriage Act

Minnesota Democrats introduced a bill on Monday that would repeal the state’s Defense of Marriage Act, which prohibits same-sex couples from benefiting from the rights and responsibilities of mar


Vote No: Where to get the t-shirt

I've had some inquiries about the T-shirt associated with my Vote No essay (What Do I Tell My Goddaughter?) so, having just ordered a couple myself, I can walk you all through the process.


Women’s Leadership Retreat builds solidarity amid economic challenges

Members of the "Millennium Generation" discuss stereotypes about their age group at a general session.

More than 100 women, most of them union members, gathered in late April for the second Minnesota Union Women’s Leadership Retreat sponsored by the University of Minnesota Labor Education Service


Sen. Dibble on gay marriage vote: 'The GOP made a grave, grave mistake'

Sen. Scott Dibble. (MnIndy file photo)

Reaction to the passage of a Republican anti–gay marriage amendment in the Minnesota Senate on Wednesday was swift.

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