'Whose Diversity?' resists cooptation, wants more than 'sprinkling a few faces of color in catalogues' for University of Minnesota

“Whose Diversity?” members (l-r) Rahsaan Mahadeo and Tori Hong (Photo by Charles Hallman)

The issue of diversity is ever-present at the University of Minnesota. However, this may be the only thing both top administrators and a diverse group of students can easily agree upon.


Grease Rag: Safe cycling for women/trans/femme folks

Having a "safer space," according to Julia Winkels, means "one that is intentionally a place of respect and compassion, that goes beyond being polite or tolerant. We are making sure [people] are being respected and getting what they need," she said.


20 years later, bisexuals still feel left out

Co-founder Victor Raymond remembers that they almost canceled the first BECAUSE conference when they realized the night before that only 12 people had signed up. They decided to follow through, and the next day over 120 participants showed up to register.


Ex-St. Paul student returns to enliven a 'boring…broken system'

Throughout his youth, Darrail Hughes attended various Saint Paul Public Schools. Now, as an adult, he returns to give that same school district something he believes they’ve been lacking: an African American male who students can relate to as he relates to them.


Minnesota History Center exhibit shines light on LGBT history

(Image via Minnesota Historical Society)

The Minnesota Historical Society library has put together a display in its lobby documenting the LGBT community’s struggle toward full equality in Minnesota.


Visitation Monastery of Minneapolis: Women's retreat

I’ve been working on documenting the nuns at the Visitation Monastery of Minneapolis, a project I hope to continue for some time. I’ve known them for something like 18 years, so it’s been fun to photograph them and their lives. They live in two houses in North Minneapolis, praying for their neighbors and the world, offering hospitality and love to the people who come to their door. These photos are from the arts and crafts portion of their annual women’s retreat for neighbors and friends, held at Ascension Church.


A great tree fell: Reflections on Maya Angelou's passing

It seems only fitting that I spent some of yesterday saying good-bye to a phenomenal woman, Maya Angelou, as she sang her last song on earth before flying freely into other worlds while I am in the heat of trying to raise my own phenomenal woman. My girl and I are facing some hard times, some sort of predictable challenges that come with being a young woman but with a bent that is worrisome to me.


Minneapolis declares June "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month"

The Minneapolis City Council approved a resolution on Friday [May 23, 2014] declaring June to be “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month” in the city of Minneapolis.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Small town Gay Pride celebrates decade of change

The entrance to Voyageur Park on pride day.

Sunday, June 1, Voyageur Park in Pine City, Minn.


Christian group wants to rent Gay 90s, infiltrate Twin Cities Pride, and convert gays

An evangelical group has spent 5 years planning an infiltration of Twin Cities Pride to “save” LGBT people from “the lifestyle.” Their mission includes a plan to set up safe houses to help LGBT people become “ex-gay” and convert to Christianity.

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