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NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | October 2014 West Seventh calendar of events

This calendar of events is created for nearly 800 neighbors of the West End. Please see this new location for calendar additions, corrections and updates at


Ahmed Tharwat: NFL highlights America's favorite game, Insulting Islam

I don’t usually watch or follow football, let alone Monday Night Football. It involves too much hype and too much violence. It’s too patriotic, too black and white, too territorial — too American. A game that celebrates American exceptionalism.


A quirky place for eccentric people

You’ve read the articles. You’ve heard about the state of performing arts in the Twin Cities. Many articles report on the depressing lack of funding the arts receive and the subsequent loss of many local programs. However, in many ways, the Twin Cities arts community is thriving and blossoming into a renowned hub for arts, culture, and music. The Twin Cities is the third largest theater market in the country, boasting the second highest theater seats per capita, only behind New York City. While powerhouse organizations like The Loft Literary Center, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, First Avenue, and The Guthrie keep the cultural gears turning, it is easy to forget the smaller arts organizations here that fill in the cracks, keeping this vibrant web of arts strong and prosperous.


Drones in Minnesota: What we know

On a remote tarmac, three steel-gray “Predator B” drones sit motionless, awaiting launch. Their tips balloon into metallic bulges that conceal sophisticated navigation and surveillance equipment. Their undercarriages sport pivot-mounted cameras, each capable of rendering detailed images from high in the air.


Rev. David W. Smith: A modest suggestion to Senator Al Franken on Gaza

Senator Al Franken recently responded to my concerns over the Israeli attacks on Gaza this past summer.


Hmong youth engaged in the North Minneapolis Greenway

"Greenway yog ab tsi?", or "What is a greenway?" in the Hmong language, is a question that has been asked more than 100 times of North Minneapolis community members in and near Hmong International Academy by middle school students of color in the YMCA Beacons Minneapolis program at Hmong International Academy (HIA) – a Minneapolis Public School in the Jordan Neighborhood of North Minneapolis.


Bill Sorem, local media and activism on Democratic Visions

Retired advertising executive Bill Sorem has become a familiar figure at demonstrations and protests staged by the likes of Native Americans, peace advocates, equity activists, minimum wage propone


The Trans Fat-cific Partnership - Clogging the artery of local democracy and sustainability

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is referred to as a “trade agreement” between the United States and 11 other Pacific Rim nations but it is a Trojan horse for granting even more privileges for m


Unsafe and unseen—Minnesota's ghost bikers

(Photo by centralniak published under Creative Commons License)

The Twin Cities are regarded as America’s litmus for bicycling. Minneapolis has been rated the number one bicycling city, while Bicycling Times lauded “the nation’s finest network of off street bicycle trails”. Former Mayor Rybak told visitors: “Biking has become a large part of what we are.”

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