American Indian children in Minnesota disproportionately placed in foster care


One thought on “American Indian children in Minnesota disproportionately placed in foster care

  1. pattern world wide/ native australian children removed by law, infection spread in africa, the yanomamo of the amazon sexually abused, knowingly infected,experimented on with radiation  if people of color black red yellow brown don’t work to protect the next generation there won’t be one. a generation hurt in pain violated and weakened can only pass on hurt pain and violation. do you see any of these plagues outside comunities of color. if you can degrade seperate sicken incarcerate limit resources you can eliminate. i’m sure to those who pass laws and authorize and fund these things this can’t be true everything has been done to us and still we rise. and still we rise .  headlines 2 pedifile teachers in one school / students mainly children of color. those same judges who sentence chidren to foster care will give pedifiles a tap on the wrist and send them back out to play. and another plague is added suicide.  you can’t pass love hope and a sense of security along if it was never given to you you can’t buy it , television reenforces self hatred violence againt family freinds women childen, for every 1 person of color shown in a good light 300 are shown in a bad light  there is a goal destroy disassemble then throw guns drugs and alchol into the hands of the broken tortured and hurt the maybe finally  there is no trickle down the rich build golf courses and buy imports / cars made in germany boats made in italy and clothes made in paris

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