From Fort Sumter to Fort Knox: The Slave Power shall rise again


2 thoughts on “From Fort Sumter to Fort Knox: The Slave Power shall rise again

  1. “However flawed Barak Obama might be as a leader (and he is very flawed, indeed) the real source of rage among today’s Tea Partiers and rightwing hate-mongers is not his policies but his skin color.

    In their eyes, Obama has upended the proper relationship between the white race and an eternally inferior black race. As is becoming increasingly clear, nothing, not even the continuation of the United States as a solvent nation, can be allowed to stand in the way of rectifying this intolerable lapse.”

    And with your lengthy history lesson, you advance an argument entirely premised on an unfounded assumption, based on your logically flawed position that all people concerned with a federal government that ignores the restraints of the Constitution and spends and encumbers future generations with unfunded entitlement liabilities through Republican and Democrat administrations and congresses over the past half century are racists.  The bottom line is the actual positions in the Tea Party are not per se premised on racism, as your argument requires.  There may be some racist Tea Partiers.  Many anti-Obama folks may be racists.  But some of us don’t give two shits what the color of his skin is, or what race his father was, or what his name is – we’re concerned that Barack Obama has failed as a president; he’s failed to keep promises of transparency; he’s failed to deal seriously with the deficit, and he’s even resorted to demonizing those who want to deal with our broken federal entitlement system as evil wealthy people that want to starve the elderly to death; he’s launched an unprovoked war without the authorization of Congress; he’s not made any progress in Afghanistan whatsoever – in fact, he’s made things worse… the list goes on. 

    Put simply, your argument lacks a factual foundation.  I would suggest you find some substance in your attempts to draw a line between the Civil War confederacy-“Slave Power” and the modern-day Tea Party.  That is, if you’re at all interested in making an intellectually honest argument.

  2. Sounds like you dislike the president for the wrong reasons also…..but it’s not because he’s black though…For all of the issues that you state that he’s NOT doing is not due to him not trying or not wanting to. When you have a party of NO that rejects everything that he does then how do you expect anything to get done? And may i present that your claims of the president are factually and totally FALSE . If Bush were doing these exact same things with the Dems dinying him everything= You kissing G.W. ‘s  A$$>>>

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