The pizza issue

Mpls. St. Paul Magazine just released their pizza issue, and online they are asking readers to vote for the best pizza in the Twin Cities with categories like Alt Crust, Chef Driven, and (my personal favorite) Minnesota Style. Minnesota Style is that pizza we know well in these parts but possibly never really named: thin crust, loads of cheese, tangy red sauce, and a square cut that is as practical as a Norwegian farmer (allowing each bite to contain exactly the right ratio of crust to toppings).


High school senior expands self-made soda company in Seward

(Photos by Susie Voss) Tree Fort Soda creator Eva Duckler stands next to equipment she uses to brew her artisinal herbal root beer.

It’s not every day a 17-year-old creates her own soda company. Especially right before her first semester of college.


State court hears Hebrew National lawsuit

The long-running lawsuit alleging that Hebrew National hot dogs are not “100% kosher,” contrary to the maker’s claims, went another round in court.


This city bus will soon be a mobile grocery store

(Photo courtesy of Twin Cities Mobile Market) Soon this empty bus will be carting around food to areas that have poor access to fresh produce and other healthy whole foods.

In an ideal world, grocery shopping can just be an in-and-out trip, but for some locals, grocery shopping can sometimes take several hours. A local organization is trying to fix that by bringing a mobile grocery store to areas with poor access to healthy foods.


TC Weekend | FMLY Fest, Irish Fair, Polish Fest, Pizza Lucé Block Party, Play on Penn, Art on the Ave & more!

This weekend’s lineup is a bit quieter than last weekend's, but no less engaging. From community gatherings and cultural fairs, to art crawls and music festivals -- there is a lot to enjoy this weekend! Scroll down to see what’s on tap; if you know of an event that readers should know about, sound off in the comment section below.


Twin Cities farmers want city officials to do more for urban farms

(Photo courtesy of Stone's Throw Urban Farm)

Urban agriculture may be a growing trend, but some Minneapolis farmers believe the movement may become stagnant if city officials don’t make active pushes to support it.


GLOBAL GROCERIES | Starting a new farmers market in Minneapolis isn’t easy

Todd Douma and Brad Tetzloff quickly learned that starting a farmers market from scratch in Minneapolis isn’t for the faint of heart. But after three years of planning, the Nokomis Farmers Market is finally open for business.


Cafe charging "minimum wage fee" to "offset state increase of minimum wage for tipped employees"

A reader sent Bluestem the photograph of a tap from a restaurant in the east metro, to which a "minimum wage fee" of thirty-five cents has been tacked on to a fifteen dollar tab.


National Farmers Market Week — Fresh veggies, friendly farmers, and something for the philatelist!

As we all know, everything’s coming in a little late this year – including the news that this very week, August 3-9, 2014 is National Farmers Market Week! Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack thus declared the fifteenth annual observation in an official proclamation. The USDA is quick to remind us that there are “Thousands of Reasons to Celebrate National Farmers Market Week” — but we already knew that…. []

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