A peek at the Cold Climate Wine Competition

It is a few days before the gates open at the 2014 Minnesota State Fair and I find myself peeking into a conference room at the University of Minnesota. Wine glasses and flutes clink together as official-looking-types wheel carts of red and white samples to the judging tables that flank the room. Grape growers, wine makers, chefs, instructors, and wine-loving volunteers are gathered to help judge the 6th Annual Cold Climate Wine Competition. I can smell wine on their collective breaths and worry that the light fragrance I tucked under my blouse early in the morning will contaminate the judges’ refined palates as they swirl and sip.


IGGERS DIGEST | Big bang for your buck at Somali Boolaay Restaurant

Ten bucks buys a lot of food at Boolaay, the little Somali restaurant on Eat Street = not to be confused with Bouley, Daniel Bouley's upscale French restaurant in Manhattan. 

Ten bucks buys a lot of tasty food at Boolaay Somali restaurant - not to be confused with Bouley, the upscale French restaurant in Manhattan. At Bouley, the appetizers start at $22 at lunch for the Porcini Flan with Alaska Live Dungeness Crab and Black Truffle Dashi. At Boolaay, ten bucks gets you a big plate piled high with savory rice pilaf and diced chicken or beef suqaar, plus vegetable soup, salad, fruit drink and a ripe banana - easily enough for two. A variety of other entrees and baked goods are also offered, to dine in or take out.


GLOBAL GROCERIES | Cinco de Mayo Mercado deserves its many fans

(Photos by Stephanie Fox)

I came across Cinco de Mayo Mercado almost by accident.


Kräftskiva and crustacean slivers

I woke up this morning with dainty crayfish shards embedded in my fingers. Crustacean slivers are evidence of a good food event in the bearer's immediate past.


Cedar Summit Farm owners win case, coalition of utilities building CapX2020 must "Buy The Farm"

Cedar Summit Farm is one of the success stories of Minnesota's buy-local dairies, but as City Pages reported in 2013's Cedar Summit Farms could be forced to relocate due to power line expansion, Florence and Dave Minar's organic and grass-fed operation wasn't compatible with the 345,000-volt line.


TC Spotlight | Urban agriculture in the Twin Cities

For this week’s TC Spotlight, we decided to keep the outdoor summer theme and shine a spotlight on the ever-growing urban agriculture movement in the Twin Cities.

Urban agriculture comes in various forms and benefits urban communities in many ways. Urban farms provide fresh local food sources and economic development, and they create a space for social interaction, neighborhood beautification, and engagement. Below we’ve highlight just a few of the many organizations that specialize in urban agriculture and how you can support them. Feel free to use the comment section to chime in on your favorite sources of local produce and all things urban agriculture.


Blackbird: "We cook what we love, and love what we cook"

Yes, once in a while, truth in advertising does prevail. Perhaps the Gold Standard is Blackbird cafe’s promise: “Our goal is to make Minneapolis yummier by offering a high quality meal at a good value.” And what they neglected to mention—or were too modest: the atmosphere and service are pretty darn swell, too.


Sustainable-food initiative Urban Oasis kicks off with August 17 festival

(Margie O'Laughlin, Sandhill Photography) Above, chefs Jenny Breen and Bridger Merkt share their thoughts about condiments in preparation for the first Urban Oasis event on Sunday, August 17.

Is Dayton’s Bluff about to become the capital of Minnesota’s sustainable- food movement?


SUPPERTIME | It's about the beer flights at JL Beers

Suppertime is a blog in comics form, exploring local restaurants, bars and other food establishments in and around the Twin Cities. I eat, I talk, I draw. 

In this Suppertime, we visited JL Beers. The food was good, the staff was friendly, but it was all about the beer flights.
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