"If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu."

I spend almost all my time attempting to figure out how I can braid storytelling and organizing. I’ve been attempting to not just organize communities around ideas, but also organize ideas, making sense of the din around us, the tunnel vision that too often exists in the justice world, the lack of recognition of the ties that bind injustice together, and the ways and whys we too often ignore who we are for what we do.


Cinnamon buns and elephant earrings

Mark your calendars kids, October 4 is almost here. We are just hours away from one of the greatest celebrations the Swedes ever shared with the rest of the world: Kanelbullens Dag (a.k.a. Cinnamon Bun Day)!


Twin Cities Veg Fest shows eating vegetarian doesn’t mean losing taste

(Photo courtesy of Compassionate Action for Animals)

When Sal Kravik became a vegan 12 years ago, she didn’t eat the way she does now.

"When I first changed my diet … there were so few options," Kravik said. "Vegan cheesecake was not a thing."


A spoon can start a revolution

Our work as organizers is many things. It is the sum of our experiences, personal, professional, communal, reflecting, analytical. More than anything though, our organizing is stories. Food justice organizing is no different. It is many stories, it’s why we came to care about food, our earliest memories, maybe it was dinner last night or a lack thereof. When you think about food or food justice or food justice organizing, what do you think about? What’s your food justice revolution look like?


Pizza dough revelation

If you've hung around me or my blog much you are likely aware that I am a total pizza fascist. It isn't a trait that I wear proudly (Obviously I have some deep inner pie issues. Perhaps I suffered pizza trauma in my youth. Perhaps I'm just really bossy in the kitchen.)


Don't offer farmers and citizens to multinationals, stop TTIP and CETA

From France, which gave us the Rights of Man, we hear the call for the Rights of Citizens from French farmers who yesterday staged a sit-in at Cargill’s headquarters in Paris protesting proposed new free trade agreements. The second largest farmers’ union in France, Confédération Paysanne, unfurled a banner that read, “Holland, Juncker, Obama: Don’t offer farmers and citizens to multinationals, Stop TTIP and CETA.” They occupied the Cargill trading floor all day, until they received an appointment with the Secretary of State for French Foreign Trade, Mr. Matthias Fekl.


Canning in Corcoran!

Last year Corcoran GROWS sponsored canning sessions for Corcoran residents at Claire Housing, and they were a great success! We are sponsoring them again this year on three Saturdays from 1 to 4 pm: August 30 (tomatoes), Sept. 6 (cukes and perhaps tomatoes), and Sept. 13 (tomatoes). Please contact Anne Holzinger at anneholzinger [at] hotmail [dot] com or 763-464-7650 to sign up or for additional info. Space is limited. Sessions are free, but individuals need to bring their own vegetables and canning jars.


Disfrute la generosidad del Mercado de Granjeros de Midtown

Venga al Mercado de Granjeros de Midtown este mes y entérese de la maravillosa variedad de verduras frescas que nuestros cultivadores tienen para ofrecer, además de otros productos maravillosos que actualmente ofrecen nuestros vendedores, como mantequillas de maní frescas de Buddy’s Nut Butters y productos fermentados como Kim Chi, chucrut y más de Fierce Ferments. Septiembre es un periodo fantástico del año para aprovechar de toda la gran selección de frutas y verduras que puede usted encontrar en el mercado y almacenar para su enlatado o para proyectos de congelación que usted quizá tiene en mente. Usted también podrá disfrutar de buena música en vivo, comida preparada deliciosa y fresca, incluyendo: desde nuestro nuevo comerciante Foxy Falafel y viejos favoritos como Kabomelette y Taco Taxi, y muchas otras actividades emocionantes en el mercado.


New storefronts and faces for University-area business districts

As the dust settles from years of light rail and luxury housing construction, business districts around the University of Minnesota are welcoming new tenants and, in some cases, new storefronts.

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