Andrew Zimmern on Rye Deli's closing: Assimilation, lack of commitment to blame

On Monday, March 31, Rye Deli in Minneapolis closed its doors, proving to be just another one of the many recent delicatessen failures in the Twin Cities. Minnesota chef, restaurateur, and TV personality Andrew Zimmern has never been shy about his passion for seeing a successful Jewish deli in the Twin Cities. He also now seems prophetic in claiming that Rye would not be the one—initially giving the deli an F grade, then upgrading it to the still lackluster C+ a year later. Immediately upon the news of Rye’s closing he took to Twitterwith his thoughts.


A light in Swede Hollow: New owners continue delicious work

Swede Hollow Café owner Ruth Campbell, left, is pictured with house managers Helen Lindberg and Shirley Yang.

The Swede Hollow Café, located at 725 7th Street East in St. Paul, was established in July of 1997 in the historic Stutzman Block Building, which was built in two stages from 1885 to 1889. The building was a dynamic part of the Dayton’s Bluff community until it fell into disarray in the early 1990s. In 1994, the building was purchased and restored by the Upper Swede Hollow Neighborhood Association (USHNA).


Hotdish pizza: A Midwestern idea, minus the canned soup

My mom's menu rotated according to days of the week and we knew which day of the week it was by the smells coming from the kitchen. Weekends were my favorite when tacos, burgers, and pizza took turns at our table. Sundays were Mom's night off and we kids served ourselves peanut butter toast and canned fruit cocktail before settling down with the Wonderful World of Disney.


Farmers markets, chili cook-offs will have specific food safety regulations

State food inspection law has been changed to specifically regulate farmers markets.


Activism, innovation and pragmatism: Andrew Johnson's first 100 (and a bit) days

Andrew Johnson is the youngest member of the Minneapolis City Council at only 29 years of age. (“Also the only single one,” he reminds me to mention.) One of seven (of 13) CMs newly elected in November 2013, he is also one of the ones most likely to succeed Gary Schiff in being the leftward pull of DFL progressivism on the Council. Johnson says it has always been his dream to be an actual politician, but not one he expected to attain, nor did he have a master plan to get there. He says circumstances just “opened a path” and he took it. Before that he had made his living as an IT systems engineer, while working tirelessly in his spare time as a neighborhood and environmental activist. His style is robust activism, with an emphasis on innovation, yet tempered with a keen pragmatism beyond what is expected with his youth and inexperience.


Passover-friendly restaurants around the Twin Cities

Passover starts tonight, beginning a week of wondering if you’ll be able to find anything on any menu in town that’s kosher for the holiday. Well we’ve got you covered! Here are the places that will make it easy as we remember how we were slaves in Egypt, now we’re free, and next year in Jerusalem! Because it’s really all about the food for us, right?


CSAs, local food and co-ops oh my!

What a great weekend. This weekend Proeun and I attended not one but 2 CSAs/Local Food Days at local co-ops. Proeun attended the Seward Co-op's CSA Fair while I (Amy) attended the City Center Market's "Meet Your Farmer" Day. While we love farming we don't get a chance to hang out with other farmer's and like minded folk that much and so these 2 events were especially rejuvenating. A couple things we learned were that Local Food and CSAs are a thriving, growing field. But still many farms are seeing there numbers down from last year. So if you have not signed up for a CSA yet make sure you do. Click here for our CSA information.


Save the date: Midtown Farmers Market opening day May 3rd!

Spring is here and opening day for the Midtown Farmers Market is right around the corner, so save the date: May 3rd is opening day at Midtown! The Market will return for its 12th season at 2225 E. Lake Street and we have lots of new and exciting activities, entertainment, events and vendors in the works, along with many of the friendly and familiar favorites you’ve grown to love over the years. Despite recent news surrounding the possibility of the purchase and development of the property and home of the Market at 2225 E. Lake, the Market will remain at its current location and will for the foreseeable future.


My Huong Kitchen on Eat Street: Vietnamese street food and French crepes

Tracy Wong's vegetarian spring rolls

If you are a fan of the Wong family's Asian restaurants - Nina Wong's Chindian Cafe, and Tammy Wong's Rainbow Chinese Restaurant, you'll probably enjoy the family's newest culinary offering - Tracy Wong's My Huong Kitchen. I've written about this tiny (14 seat) Eat Street eatery before - when it was called, um, Eat Street Eatery, but since then it has gotten a new name and a greatly expanded menu.


COMMUNITY VOICES | St. Paul Hmong Market a local success, international model

Hmong Village President Shongleng Yang poses in front of one of the many vegetable stalls at the year-round market

A few years ago, there was not a bank in the Twin Cities that would negotiate a loan to help finance a cultural shopping hub.

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