Flocking by foot to the walkable city


2 thoughts on “Flocking by foot to the walkable city

  1. kinda hard to walk in most suburbs when people move there to be away from high density housing and business centers.  I can tell you that we are spending billions across this nation on walking & bike paths though so there must be someone walking somewhere.  I think we are doing just fine, people are deciding where they want to live and the people that want to walk to everything will find areas that support that lifestyle while others will move to areas with big lots where they can have fire pits, store their boats and have a riding lawn mower.  It all depends on what you want in your life.  This is a great nation where we can life in many diverse areas depending on wants and needs. 

  2. Really looking forward to the day when I can read an article about biking and walking that just straight up promotes the multiple health benefits of exercise without claiming it can “cure” the so-called “obesity crisis.”


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