Fifteen Minnesota churches leaving ELCA over gay pastor vote


6 thoughts on “Fifteen Minnesota churches leaving ELCA over gay pastor vote

  1. Thanks for showing list. Sadly, none close enough to join… at least not yet. Severed long association with Minneapolis church seeking politically correct busywork over simple teachings of Christ.

  2. to ignorant trash. What century is it again? maybe we could even bring back the Inquisition!! Thanks for the list so I know where all the stupid, ignorant, homophobes are attending and i know where to avoid. Way to go Lutherans, a giant step forwards for most, and a leap backwards for the ignorant ones on the list!

  3. Would he say that it is A OK to ignore Biblical teachings? It would be better, for those who want to dilute Christianity, to form their own churches. There are also many churches that would welcome them. I wish the CORE members would join the Missouri Synod, which is more traditional. Watch out for your own denomination. Christianity is under attack by many forces.

  4. I am curious to know who is ending up the legal property owner of the churches whos congregations have decided to leave the ELCA?

  5. While congregations’ decisions to leave the ELCA makes headlines, do not lose sight of the 1,140 or so congregations in Minnesota who remain part of a vibrant expression of the Christian faith.

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