February festivals


Oops–a little late. Mea culpa. It’s been that kind of winter already. It hasn’t been much of a winter, has it? Even some of the beloved winter events have either been cancelled or altered to cope with the lack of snow and cold. But never fear; here are some fun things to do.

Winter Festival
Now through Feb. 12
If you can’t find something to do at this festival, you’re a curmudgeon indeed. Learn how to sculpt snow, take a dog sled ride, attend a dance, enjoy live music, visit the Dorothy Molter Museum, go snowshoeing or skiing, and attend the Mukluk Ball.

Grand Marais
Winter Tracks Festival
Now through Feb. 12
View outdoor art, including snow sculptures, and watch hardy artists painting in the elements; take a guided snowshoe hike; take the kids to the family festival; go downhill or cross-country skiing or ice skating; or take in a variety of live entertainment and dining options in the Lutsen area.

Sleigh and Cutter Festival
Now through Feb. 25
Waseca celebrates its heritage with some fun old-time activities. A kickball tournament (yes, outdoors), vintage snowmobile ride, old-fashioned ice harvest, a golf tournament, and snowmobile races. 

Apple Valley
The Love Tour
Feb. 14
Leave the kids at home—this one is for the 21 and older crowd. Because it involves—ahem—mating rituals.

St. Paul
Mondo Juggling and Unicyle Festival
Feb. 17-19
Your chance to try juggling or unicycling—or just attend the Spectacular and see what the pros can do—and music and magic too.

A Scottish Ramble
Feb. 18
Stop by the Landmark Center and enjoy bagpipes, dancing, shopping, traditional foods, and, of course, kilts.

Apple Valley
Tropical Beach Party
Feb. 18-20
If you’ve had about enough of what little winter we’ve had, then head out to the Minnesota Zoo over President’s Day weekend. It’s beach time. Yes, really—there’ll be plenty of sand for everyone to play with.

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