Family favorite: St. Croix birdwatching


We are developing quite the list of family favorites up here as we settle in to our new life. This weekend we went “cruising” to try and find the easiest way to the St. Croix River from our house. The St. Croix is a federally protected river which means much of its shore stays wild and it is perfect for canoeing, hiking and we discovered this weekend birdwatching.

We were the only ones there and luckily we had the camera with us. Two wanted a picture of this bird but honestly I haven’t looked it up yet. We were on our way to spot bigger birds–

Trumpeter Swans. Here we are trying to sneak up on them. We had seen them from downstream a little way and followed the path as quietly as a 7, 5, and 3 year old can. We did get some pictures of them before

This happened. Two and Proeun had actually been in our back field at dusk a week ago when a bunch of white birds tried to come in for a landing before Jack scared them off. Now we realize that they were probably trumpeters as well.

On the way home we were driving by a corn field when we saw this

Trumpeter swans and bald eagles all in one day and less then 10 minutes from our house. In fact now we know that both these birds have been seen on our property. I am still amazed.

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