Webinar: Connecting Neighbors Online

11/14/2012 - 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Community Engagement Online for All - Introductory Webinar

Join us for a dynamic two part webinar on building inclusive online community engagement in neighborhoods.

1. Neighbors Online - Who is doing what? Multiple tools and models from around the world.

2. Inclusive Community Engagement Online - Stories and lessons you can adapt and use in your own community are emerging from the world's largest effort to inclusively connect 10,000+ diverse neighbors online in St. Paul, Minnesota by 2014.

Cost: Free, Space is Limited - Free-will donations support outreach to lower income, diverse communities.

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The webinar will be facilitated by E-Democracy.org. It is funded by the Knight Foundation as part of E-Democracy's Inclusive Community Engagement Online initiative.

See BeNeighbors.org!

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