TCDP TOP PICK | Theatre Coup d'Etat presents "Romeo and Juliet"

11/15/2012 - 8:00pm
11/16/2012 - 8:00pm
11/18/2012 - 8:00pm

TCDP TOP PICK: News flash: apparently in 16th century Verona, it gets better. Theatre Coup d'Etat's current production of Shakespeare's romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet, at the Southern Theater, has a twist. Romeo (Cristina Castro) is a young lady just like Juliet (Briana Patnode). The bigger twist is that no one bats an eye. Romeo's pals are just happy she found a gal she likes. Juliet's parents are more upset that Romeo comes from the family of their sworn enemies the Montagues. It's a refreshing choice that the lesbian romance angle isn't the big deal here. Love is love, and blood feuds are blood feuds. - read the complete review by Matthew A. Everett

Theatre Coup d'Etat invites you to experience the timeless tale of William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, this time told with a twist. Romeo & Juliet has been heralded as "one of the greatest love stories ever told." We have read it in our high school English classes, watched it unfold on countless stages, and we have seen it reshaped and splashed on to movie screens across the world. It is a timeless piece of work with a timeless message; that true love is a simple, yet pure and powerful part of life and no single individual should be persecuted in their effort to pursue it.

Due to the upcoming vote on the marriage amendment, and in an effort to uphold their mission "to provoke an emotional and analytical response in [their] audiences by showing the depth of the human condition through both classical and contemporary works," and to support Minnesotans United for All Families "Pledge to Vote No," campaign, Theatre Coup d'Etat will be presenting William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet with Romeo played by a woman, as a woman. Theatre Coup d'Etat aims to serve the Minnesota community it works in and the challenges it faces.

Theatre Coup d'Etat has established itself by using a raw, gritty and minimalist approach to some of the most renowned pieces of theatre. The company was formed in 2011 by James Napoleon Stone and Peter Beard on the idea that theatre should be used as a social tool to provoke, not to sedate. Recently credited with an "aggressive" and "divine" (TC Planet) Angels in America: Millennium Approaches, Theatre Coup d'Etat has also presented an "impressively conceptualized and beautifully performed" production (Goldstar Audience Review) of A Streetcar Named Desire, and a "ferocious" (TC Planet) Macbeth. The production of Romeo & Juliet will be no different in its effort to spark a response from its audience.

Romeo & Juliet will be shown at The Southern Theater
November 8th  17th at 1420 Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55454.
Show times are at 8 p.m.Thursday through Saturday, General Admission ticket price is $20.

Sunday's matinee is pay-what-you-can. All other shows are General Admission. Tickets may be purchased online through

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1420 Washington Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55454
1420 Washington Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55454