NEW WORK by Linda Christianson & Mary Hark

11/16/2012 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm



The Raymond Avenue Gallery is pleased to announce its fourth 2012 exhibition:


N E W  W O R K


Linda Christianson & Mary Hark



Friday, November 16 through Friday, December 23

Opening Reception: Friday, November 16, 6-8 PM


Gallery Hours:       Monday through Friday, 10 – 4 PM

                                                      Saturday from noon to 4 PM


Contact: Joseph Brown, 651.644.9200, raymondavegallery [at] me [dot] com


Photographs available upon request.



Presenting the pottery of Linda Christianson and fiber art of Mary Hark.


Although these artists work in different genres they share similar sensibilities toward their chosen Materials.


Concerning their relationship fiber artist Mary Hark (Saint Paul, MN), has stated, “I have admired Linda's work for years. She is one of my very favorite potters and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to exhibit with her. I love to think about clay when I am using one of her pieces; I love the weight and direct tie to the process and materials that I feel when I drink out of one of her mugs. I suspect Linda embraces the work of moving that clay around the same way I love the way fiber becomes pulp and pulp becomes paper. Clay and paper are fundamental parts of larger things. Paper becomes a book or a map or a letter the way a platter holds the meal. And alone, that beautiful platter will always remind me of shared meals - and more. I hope my paper can exist in the world the way I think of Linda's pots: earthbound, elemental, tied to the material and process out of which it was made, and full of incidental marks that quietly remind the viewer of ordinary things.”


Regarding Hark’s work, ceramist Linda Christianson (Linstrom, MN), has noted, “I remember the moment I saw Mary's work for the first time. I was in a hurry to get to a friend's opening. I was scurrying up some stairs and quite confused as to the location of the work I intended to see.  The sign said "go left" and then I turned my head to the right, and caught site of a quietly vibrant mass of mysterious color and texture. It was like a magnet. I abruptly changed course and was pulled towards Mary's piece.  I happily forgot where I was supposed to be going. That was my introduction. Not being a colorist myself, I am drawn to Mary's use of color and composition.  We share a similar sensibility with raw material itself: a refined ruggedness perhaps. An example of this would be her intention to use the seam as an esthetic part of the piece itself.”


Describing her own work, Linda Christianson, has said, “Having made pots now for about 30 years, I am surprised that it is both a hopeful and a troublesome effort to make a decent pot. The parameters of pottery making require an acceptance of the confinement of utility. The qualities that I search for in my work are fairly straightforward. I’m interested in a pot that does its duty well yet can stand on its own as a visual object. These pots are not sculpture and they are not art. They seem to act like engaging tools more than anything else.”


Mary Hark, says of her work: “The work I am showing is part of my most recent series titled Driftless Reveries. These works are a consideration of the physical environments in which I live. It is a response to the topography of central Minnesota where I have lived most of my life, and south central Wisconsin. Since 2007 when I joined the faculty at the University of Wisconsin, I have driven between Madison and Saint Paul numerous times, especially in the winter months. When making this work, I was thinking about this landscape, particularly in the winter light of late afternoon and evening. “


The clay and latex sculptures and paintings of Raymond Avenue Gallery owner and artist, Joseph G. Brown, will be on view in the lower level gallery.


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