TCDP TOP PICK | Main Street School of Performing Arts Presents: St. Francis in the Americas: A Caribbean Mass

12/18/2012 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

TCDP TOP PICK: St. Francis is a perennial favorite saint among children, because as a kid, you can get St. Francis. His thing wasn't being crucified upside-down, or ministering to lepers—it was animals. He's the kind of saint who makes you feel like if you'd rather stay home from church and try to teach your cockatiel to talk, maybe God doesn't totally hate you for that. On December 18, students from the Main Street School of Performing Arts will be paying tribute to the man from Assisi with a Caribbean-flavored (because, why not?) Mass by composer Glenn McClure. - Jay Gabler

Main Street School of Performing Arts (MSSPA) Music Department will present a collaborative concert on December 18 at the Gethsemane Lutheran Church in Hopkins featuring the MSSPA Chamber Singers and Choir, and the Steel Drum and Advanced Ensembles. The acclaimed St. Francis in the Americas: A Caribbean Mass celebrates the marriage of Latin American cultures and the spiritual legacy of the medieval Italian saint, Francis of Assisi. This concert mass sets several of Francis’ writings into languages and musical styles of the New World. The instrumentation features steel drums (invented in the islands of Trinidad and Tobago in the mid 20th century) and other percussion instruments from Latin American traditions.

“This is a masterful work by composer Glenn McClure,” commented Main Street School music instructor Matthew McFarlane. “You may think combining steel drums and choral music seems like an odd mix, but it works. It is a musical mosaic of the writings of one of the world’s most beloved saints.” McFarlane added, “This concert mass uses themes from the Caribbean, Africa, and southern United States and is a joy to experience. It has been performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and other world-class venues. We are thrilled to be bringing this composition to Hopkins, and with it, sharing the depth of our students’ talents and putting a new twist on the traditional school holiday concert.”

715 Minnetonka Mills Road
Hopkins, MN 55343