Imbert Imbert : new wave of French songs at the Black Dog Café St Paul

09/23/2009 - 8:00pm
«The fortunate ones who have seen him on stage arm in arm with his double-bass know that he is a pure emotion, a black leather-clad emotion, but an emotion all the same: rich and truthful, with the weaknesses it sometimes creates allied to the strength it needs to be expressed.»
(Philippe Prohom in Longueur d’Ondes).

Once over the first surprise – the singer accompanies himself with his double-bass - , the spectator is immediately seized by the character’s definitely rock’n’roll and carnal attitude: mohican hairsty le, black leather, open leather vest and later bare chested on stage. One is then immersed in the poetic frenzy of his lyrics; IMBERT IMBERT
plays with words and rhymes, throws his texts with disconcerting spontaneity; the intention is crude. Some songs deal with the weariness of life while others embrace the beauty of it. Some are filled with the bitter nostalgia of lost love, others with that of happy tomorrows. Finally, one is enveloped by the sound and the atmosphere of the double-bass whose sonority and tessitura IMBERT IMBERT makes the most of, with what is undoubtedly genius, and from which he pulls the richness of his arrangements; his
compositions also reveal an inspired and talented artist.

Cursing privileges and injustice, rebellious against the world as it is, outraged at not being rebellious enough, IMBERT IMBERT flings his windows wide open to the light. And his fragile and pleasant tenderness is as large and as heavy as his double-bass. IMBERT IMBERT has been a musician for over twelve years. He has performed with numerous and
various line-ups, of which we will only recall some, on stage or from his discography: free jazz with his trio Split, rocksteady ska with Jim Murple Memorial between 2002 and 2003, and finally, chansons with Derien from 2004 to 2006.

Imbert Imbert has received many honours, mainly: the Prix du Club des Entreprises Francofolies de La Rochelle 2006, first prize at Le Mans Cité Chanson 2007, prize-winner Fnac Indétendance Printemps de Bourges202007 and Attention Talent partner, the Bravos du public and the Bravos des professionnels at the Montauban Alors Chante ! 2007, and very recently the FAIR 2008. Imbert Imbert is also on the Chroniques Lycéennes 2008 de l’Académie Charles Cros… Apart from his many honours, the release of the album « Débat de Boue » gave Imbert Imbert the opportunity to give over 180 concerts in two years, mostly in France but also in Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.

Imbert Imbert is currently finishing his second album (for Le temps des asassins) titled « Bouh ! ». For this second opus, produced by Jean Rochard, of nato, Imbert Imbert has surrounded himself with jazz oriented musicians, among whom Bruno Chevillon, Benoît Delbecq, Jacqueline Ultan, Michelle Kinney, Frédéric Jean, Pascal Corriu, Pablo Cueco, Janick Martin, Klaus Blasquiz. « Bouh ! » os being mixed and mastered by Steve Wiese at the Creation Audio studio in Minneapolis (USA) and is to be released in France in February 2010.

tel : 651 228 92 74
St Paul, MN

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