How to advance your campaigns--and your values--with effective framing for justice - Pre-registration required

06/30/2014 - 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Are you using your communications opportunities--in person, in print, and online--to cultivate success for your organizing and advocacy goals? This experiential workshop will increase your ability to do so by giving you a brief immersion into the communications concept of "framing," or how you focus and define your issue. You'll get a gut level understanding of framing through hands-on exercises, review some successful (and unsuccessful!) case studies, and practice applying the concepts to your own work. Preregistration required.

Eleonore Wesserle

Eleonore Wesserle is a trainer and facilitator with Line Break Media, building the capacity for organizations and individuals to tell their stories through traditional and digital methods. Coming from an activist background, she helps organizations weave their communications strategy into their movement strategy so that both can become more effective.

The Common Table (below Trinity's offices)
2001 Riverside Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55454