"Form and Function" by Dick and Debbie Cooter at the Raymond Avenue Gallery

02/15/2013 (All day) - 03/22/2013 (All day)

Although this couple works in different media they share many similar sensibilities. Having survived the psychedelic 60’s these two moved back to the land in Two Harbors, Minnesota and live a simpler, sustainable life, working with fundamental materials in a natural setting. 

Regarding his work, Dick Cooter has noted: “I fire a 125 cubic foot wood burning kiln, which I consider a partner in the work. Although I choose labor intensive methods, I consider myself a production potter. I make functional pots and consider the user to be the final contributor to the work.”

Describing her work, Debbie Cooter, has said:  “The tradition of using recycled clothing to weave decorative and functional household items appealed to both my creative and thrifty nature. I’ve woven hundreds of yards of rugs for people, developing my own style and color schemes. I continue to experiment with different patterns, my own dyed cloth and new cotton fabrics to create contemporary designs from a traditional craft.”

Exhibition Curator Kraig Rasmussen notes: I find exhibitions of artist couples fascinating. Please come and share with them how couples who are both artists work and live successfully together, share funny anecdotes, talk about the importance of art in their lives and community. 

The clay and latex sculptures and paintings of Raymond Avenue Gallery owner and artist, Joseph G. Brown, will be on view in the lower level gallery.

761 Raymond Ave.
Saint Paul, MN 55114