Embracing your creative self


Huge life changes can be so unsettling. Sometimes in a good exciting way, other times not so much. But at this stage in my life I am discovering the wonder of the creative work of life. Thankfully I am home with my children, living the life with them but often I don’t appreciate it and utilize it: but I realize it doesn’t take much to connect to your creative self.

Sorry for the quality of this picture. I had to snap it quick before they realized what I was doing. As I took this picture they were all inside and it was a cave. Before that it was a beautiful home complete with guest bedrooms and before that a stable. As I cull the unnecessary for our move toys have been a particular area of concern. What to take and what to give away? While I am struggling, wondering if my children will have enough toys I am reminded it doesn’t take any toys at all to keep them occupied all morning.

That said I am experimenting with waldorf style toy making. This is Effie’s Christmas gift. I used the Sheep pattern from Living Crafts (scroll down) and created this little treasure in an evening. Yes I thought a black sheep would be cute. Don’t know if the children will dig it as much as I do but the older children think it is so cute for Effie. Using natural products and found items are something I really want to experiment with more.

By far this is my favorite project. I have been wanting a Nativity set for years so when I saw this set I used it as inspiration to make my own. I bought the peg dolls at a local craft store then saw these and more on etsy for a great price. So I will have to get more since I wasn’t sure how to do Baby Jesus. The reason this project is my favorite is because while I have inspiration it is realLy my own drive, no step by step pattern and so it feels “really” creative if you know what I mean. Yes I am discovering a love for peg dolls. What’s your favorite creative outlet?

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