Every November, somebody's running for something. In 2014, we're looking at statewide elections for Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Auditor and U.S. Senator. All Congressional seats are also up for election, as are all seats in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Local races include county commissioners and some seats on the Minneapolis school board. Judicial races are also on the ballot.  

The Daily Planet has spreadsheets showing who's running for what, as well as coverage of metro-area and statewide races.

U.S. Senator for Minnesota
Congress—First District
Congress—Second District
Congress—Third District
Congress—Fourth District
Congress—Fifth District
Congress—Sixth District
Congress—Seventh District
Congress—Eighth District
Minnesota judicial elections
Legislature— Minneapolis  St. Paul  Greater Minnesota  Suburban
Ramsey County 
Hennepin County
Minneapolis School Board
Minnesota statewide offices


Previous election cycles:

Minneapolis mayor

Minneapolis City Council—Ward 1
Minneapolis City Council—Ward 2
Minneapolis City Council—Ward 3
Minneapolis City Council—Ward 4
Minneapolis City Council—Ward 5
Minneapolis City Council—Ward 6
Minneapolis City Council—Ward 7
Minneapolis City Council—Ward 8
Minneapolis City Council—Ward 9
Minneapolis City Council—Ward 10
Minneapolis City Council—Ward 11
Minneapolis City Council—Ward 12
Minneapolis City Council—Ward 13

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

St. Paul Mayor
St. Paul First Ward City Council 
St. Paul School Board

U.S. President

Marriage amendment

Voter ID amendment

Minneapolis—All elections

Special legislative elections - January 2012
St. Paul 2011

Minneapolis/Hennepin County
St. Paul
Minneapolis Board of Education - 2010

Franken and McFadden to debate three more times before election

Senator Al Franken’s campaign announced today that there will be three more debates between Democrat Franken and Republican challenger Mike McFadden before the November election.


Latino vote matters in Minnesota's 2014 elections

“Your right to vote is one of the most basic rights you have as an American,” -American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

The focus of the current article is the history of the Latino Vote in the United States and Minnesota, its impact, and the necessity for Latinos to vote in the 2014 Midterm Elections.


Democrats turn up heat on McFadden cheaper Chinese steel comment

Minnesota Democrats are trying to turn a comment about steel from Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Mike McFadden into a major campaign issue to unite Iron Range residents against him — something that could help the DFL in other races as well.


Bircher questions Emmer and Mills' purity, but willing to live with expediency to win elections

It's not just DFL state chair Ken Martin who is calling Republican congressional candidates like Tom Emmer and Stewart Mills III Tea Party extremists.


What we learned from the Minnesota primary?

Far less than you think. Journalists and politicos want to write the big story and find trends. If there is a special election in one race they see in it a harbinger of a trend. Think of Eric Cantor losing to a Tea Party candidate and how from one race everyone is saying that the immigration issue did him in and therefore Republicans will refuse to compromise on this topic. Maybe it was immigration that cost him his seat, or maybe it was that he lost track with his constituents or simply was complacent in his campaigning. This is what did Jim Oberstar in.


Kahn tops Noor in primary election with nearly 55 percent of the vote

(Photo via MN Daily Facebook) Rep. Phyllis Kahn, DFL-Minneapolis, goes over the results for House District 60B at her primary election victory party. Kahn won nine of 12 precincts in the district.

On Tuesday, 42-year incumbent Rep. Phyllis Kahn bested Mohamud Noor in a contentious race to represent the University of Minnesota's area in the state's House of Representatives. She earned nearly 55 percent of the vote.


What Otto winning over Entenza really means

Both Rebecca Otto and Shawn Otto exemplify grace under pressure. Still under shock of a unexpected opponent, they rallied and organized an outpouring of support. Shawn personally ensured that every request of mine was fulfilled. Every one I know said the same. So every DFL event and parade became focused on persuading for Rebecca Otto. It also helped that Rebecca Otto had done great work, that was easily documented with awards and online-published papers.


Back from observing Ukraine election, Minneapolis resident works to preserve heritage in Northeast

Although Luba Lewytzkyj was born in the United States, she retains close ties with Ukraine, her parents’ homeland. Her father, the Very Reverend Dr. Wolodymyr Lewytzkyj, was a priest at St. Michael’s & St. George’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Northeast, from 1955 to the mid-1960s. He represented the 10th generation in his family to serve as a priest.


Marit Brock announces for St. Paul city council, Ward 2

Marit Brock announced on Sunday that she will run for city council. Ward 2 is the area around West Seventh Street, best known for the Schmidt Brewery. Her theme is community and neighborhood. Brock has already been actively dealing with local neighborhood issues like bad landlords, creating local small park spaces and attracting local businesses.


Kahn, Noor set for tight primary in University area

(Photo by Sheila Regan)

The end of the divisive race between 42-year incumbent Rep. Phyllis Kahn, DFL-Minneapolis, and Somali-born Mohamud Noor to represent the University of Minnesota’s area at the Capitol is on the horizon.

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