ELCA eliminates ban on openly gay and lesbian clergy


5 thoughts on “ELCA eliminates ban on openly gay and lesbian clergy

  1. Why does anyone even ask the so-called MN Family Council what they think? They are the anti-everything leader in this state, everyone knows they are against anything that even resembles equality.

  2. Grace. Just grace. Breaking off from the status quo is what brought Lutherans to life in the first place. Breaking from the status quo now will bring more new life. I’m proud to be a part of an inclusive church. Our congregation’s experience (as an Reconciling in Christ Church) included the same tough dialogues and ended with life-giving growth. Amazing grace.

  3. I’ve been a staunch Lutheran for 75 years. This is nearly unbelievable. How about Sodom and Gomorrah? How about GOD’S WILL? How about the impact the Church will have on our youth? Condoning foolish playing of boys with boys and girls with girls – in a sexual setting? I will pray about this very seriously, but I do not see how I can remain Lutheran (at least not ELCA – maybe Missouri Synot – Wisconsin? How can you compare going so strongly against God’s wishes with discrimination, profit from youth, etc?

  4. This throws marriage under a bus. We have left the church and have learned that the bible talks about false teachers. We need to stand together, stand behind marriage and realize that those that voted for this are false teachers and are ignoring the bible for their own self sin and interest.

  5. To all of you who voted to approve this measure and allowed evil a foothold into the church, know this.   We feel totally betrayed by the ELCA.  I have not, and will not attend another worship service in and ELCA church.  I will not allow my children to accept any teachings in an ELCA church.  I will not place another penny into the offering plate in an ELCA church.  

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