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Minneapolis Five-Year Enrollment Plan
Achievement Gap 

School Discipline

Educating future nurses as a ticket out of poverty

FHCA Founder, Rachelle Simmons and her class gather around a patient during a hospital tour.

Sometimes, an airplane ride can change your life. Rachelle Simmons was college visiting in Baltimore with her son, and mentally noted something unique.


8 tips for working with your child's educator

It’s already August, which means back to school is coming soon! This fall will mark my 11th year as an educator. I have held the role of high school teacher, guidance counselor, and dean. Over my 11 years, I have dealt with all kinds of parents and students from the extremely kind and polite to downright nasty. Here are a few tips to help make the most of the complicated relationship with your child’s teachers, administrators and school staff.


Professor Howard Fuller: Money blocks low-income children from a good education, some school closures necessary

(Photo by Charles Hallman) Howard Fuller

All schools, including charter schools, must do a better job teaching our children, stated Marquette University Professor Howard Fuller recently at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Fuller, a founding member of the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO), former Milwaukee Public Schools superintendent, and current board chair at a Milwaukee charter school, was the featured keynote speaker at the second annual Minnesota Charter School Conference July 29 at McNamara Center.


Rock ‘n’ Read: New program improves reading through singing

(Photo by Sheila Regan)

Amina Scott looked intently at the karaoke screen on her school bus as she softly sang “Major Pain,” one of her favorite songs about a puppy. At another part of the bus, other kids sang about fish sticks and cupcakes. But this wasn’t typical karaoke; these kids are working to improve their reading skills.


Full-service community schools: Vision is important

At Brooklyn Center High School, a couple of years ago, a small room was transformed into an optometrist’s examining room. On the first day it opened in January 2013, 18 students were seen, and 15 of them needed glasses. At last, those who needed eyewear had access to it.


Finnfest message: Education in best investment in innovation

Last week I had the chance to attend Day One of the “Educating for the 21st Century” forum held at the Carlson School of Business as part of this year’s Finn Fest. My colleagues Ross, Savage, Jaci David, and Dane Smith and I showed up to hear presentations from Finnish educators, entrepreneurs, and national government experts in international education. It was a very full day, made more charming and compelling by all the Finnish names, accents and ideas in the conversation.


Six reasons Minnesota students should vote this year

(Photo by Francisco Osorio published under Creative Commons License)

Younger voters are known for their low turn-out rates, but in 2012 they showed up in record numbers and helped decide the fate of the presidential election. While the president isn't up for re-election for another two years, there's still plenty of reasons for younger voters, particularly colleges students, to vote this year. Here's six reasons why young voters should practice their civic duty on Election Day.


Minneapolis school board candidate "People's Forum": A reader's guide

There is one final pre-primary candidate forum for this year’s Minneapolis School Board candidates, but incumbent citywide candidate Rebecca Gagnon will not be there.


Who is hosting the August 6 "People's Forum" in Minneapolis?

Who is hosting the August 6 “People’s Forum,” billed as a Minneapolis School Board candidate forum, and why is a New York City-based PR firm sending out the media advisories for it?

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