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Minneapolis Five-Year Enrollment Plan
Achievement Gap 

International Baccalaureate — "Teaching the whole person"

As high school students race to achieve and to get into college, International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement courses vie for enrollment. What are these programs, commonly known as IB and AP? What do teachers and students think about their experience?


What AP and IB cost — and who benefits

IB has some programs for elementary and middle years students, which received payments in addition to those listed above for high schools. Information in graph from MN Department of Education 2012 Rigorous Course Taking report to legislature.

Each year, more and more students in Minnesota are taking advantage of Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs in public schools, which provide opportunities for students to partake in rigorous coursework and possibly earn college credit. But even as these programs become more popular, the costs put strains on cash-strapped schools, and though the numbers of participating students of color are increasing, these programs still disproportionately serve white students.


GhanaAM scholarship initiative honors past present and future

Reginald Chapman of WCCO TV, the CBS affiliate in MInneapolis/St.Paul, keynoted Ghana's 57th Independence Day celebration in Minnesota on March 8, 2014 at the Coon Rapids Civic Center. (Photo by Michael J. Kweku Brookman)

The Ghanian Association of Minnesota (GhanAM) marked Ghana’s 57 years of Independence with a night of dinner and dancing. GhanAM also announced the creation of a scholarship for youth working in the community to pursue higher education.


COMMENTS of the WEEK | Why is pay lower for Northside teachers?

Nine comments came in last week on a blog about money spent for public-school teachers in different parts of Minneapolis: Minneapolis Northside schools deserve experienced teachers too, by Paul Schulz, Minnesota 2020, on March 13.


Early concerns over Common Core support materials

Over the long run, widespread use of the Common Core State Standards might allow more small companies to scale up helpful materials. In the short run, however, it looks like the big players are passing off what’s old as new.


Minneapolis' Northside schools deserve experienced teachers too

At a last month's Minneapolis school board meeting, MPS staff presented their intent to increase funding to Expanded School Choice programs at three Southwest Minneapolis schools – Burroughs, Lake Harriet, and Southwest High School. This program utilizes special funding to transport North Minneapolis students to “choice” district schools while funding Family Liaison positions and other supports within those schools. Increased funding was needed, it was asserted, to add additional positions necessary for the current programming to be effective.


Minneapolis teachers raise questions about new contract

Provisions for a Community Partnership Schools and an expedited termination process raise questions for some teachers preparing to vote on a new Minneapolis Public School contract.


Tuition help bill struggles for attention, would help low-income Minnesota students pay for college

A proposal has surfaced at the state Capitol this session to diversify campuses, close the achievement gap and make Minnesota colleges more accessible for low-income students, but it isn’t gaining traction.


Big things to come! City View Tutoring Center is a HUGE success

Photos By: 
Kathy DeKrey

City View Tutoring Center's first night was a big success! Lots of homework was done along with many laughs had. Thanks for everyone who came out to help tutor!


Parents, students on teacher contract: 'We will be watching with more eyes'

Mariah Duncan, senior high school student at Central High Sr. 

Mariah Duncan was at the teacher contract rally on February 21, in downtown St. Paul. She is a senior at Central High Sr., who wants to move to California and do environmental work after school.

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