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Minneapolis Five-Year Enrollment Plan
Achievement Gap 

School Discipline

St. Paul schools closing: Roosevelt, Longfellow

The St. Paul Board of Education voted Tuesday night to close Roosevelt and Longfellow elementary schools, but spared Sheridan, which had also been on the list.MORE »

Rochester’s deep cuts

by Trent Wells | July 17, 2009 • Being from Rochester, Minnesota I know the pride that many people take in the quality of our public school system. Rochester, like many other cities in Minnesota, is in the midst of an effort to reduce the achievement gap in its school system.MORE »

Why the Achievement Gap? Need to work limits study time

Karen Romero - Photo by Jerry Holt

I think one of the most important reasons for Minnesota’s big racial gap in graduation rates and test scores is the economic situation in many families.MORE »

U Teach for America numbers surge

The University of Minnesota followed a national trend of record-breaking Teach for America (TFA) numbers, with 38 recent graduates joining the organization to teach in high-need schools this fall.


OPINION | Southwest school scuffle

Earlier this year, the Minneapolis School Board and District, largely in response to falling revenues and declining enrollment, began to look at the ways that offering parents options in education plaMORE »

A school within a school: Wellstone International High School

Walk past Roosevelt High School on 28th Avenue South and you can’t miss the fact that the students entering the building are a diverse bunch; flowing head scarves and blue jeans appear in roughly equaMORE »

Proposed mining at UMore park could bring funds to U of M

UMore Park is currently used for agricultural research but in the past has been used for researching munitions production during WWII. Recently, aggregate has been discovered in the park which officials may decide to mine.Photo by Paul Bangasser

An inconspicuous piece of park land southeast of Minneapolis — purchased by the University of Minnesota for $1 more than 50 years ago — is home to a resource that could translate into millions of dollMORE »

After the test

Even Camelot had its sanitation problems. It's a truism that no matter how great the plan, someone still has to clean up the mess.

This is the case with state-mandated math GRAD standards.

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