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Minneapolis Five-Year Enrollment Plan
Achievement Gap 

Charter school association proposes changes in governing laws

Wednesday, a Twin Cities charter school was sued by the American Civil Liberties Union’s Minnesota chapter for allegedly violating the separation of church and state.MORE »

Pawlenty proposes $151 million cut to U

University President Bob Bruninks speaks to state senate members at a lunch in Coffman Memorial Union on Tuesday. In reaction to Gov. Pawlenty’s announcement of 151 million dollar budget cut to the University Bruninks states, “You didn’t hear the University whine last time; you won’t hear the university whine this time.” Jules Ameel, DAILY

In a move that would cut $151 million from the University of Minnesota’s state aid over the next two years, Gov.MORE »

Charter school changes?

A pair of legislators plan to propose a new charter school moratorium until other changes are made.

That is one of nine reforms in the to-be-introduced 2009 School Reform and Accountability Act.


Computer classroom

Online learning is on the rise everywhere. A 2008 survey by the Alfred P.MORE »

Cut to the chase: Budget impact on higher ed in Minnesota

To cut to the chase, the Governor proposed cutting MnSCU’s general operating fund base by $146 million, or 10.7%. It would be up to the MnSCU Board to figure out how to apply the cuts.

State officials “close” to resolving high school testing crisis

Unless the Commissioner of Education and the state legislature act, a large percentage of Minnesota’s 11th graders will not be able to graduate next year, because they did not score high enough on a nMORE »

Reporters: Don't ask! Teachers: Don't tell!

One of the allegations in the ACLU complaint against the TIZA school is that TIZA restricts staff members' communication to the public. St.MORE »

Help adults learn English at the Minnesota Literacy Council

The Minnesota Literacy Council (MLC) offers tutoring for adult refugees and immigrants who want to learn English and obtain citizenship, and it is always seeking volunteers to help those individuals wMORE »

ACLU files suit against Muslim-affiliated school, state education department

The American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota filed suit Wednesday against Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy and the Minnesota Department of Education, alleging a violation of the separation between church anMORE »
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