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Minneapolis Five-Year Enrollment Plan
Achievement Gap 

School Discipline

School choice and special education

Special education has been sparking conversation again. Locally, MinnPost has produced two pieces digging into a report on the state of special education [PDF] in the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS). Nationally, Education Next has run an online forum discussing charter schools and special education. Some key themes connect these writings.


OPINION | Community input key to school success in Minneapolis

A conflict over the appointment of a principal at one Minneapolis K-8 school highlights a tension between an increasingly corporate management style in the Minneapolis Public Schools and the desire of parents to maintain the public schools as a space for democratic participation.


Minneapolis school board candidate Don Samuels ready to take on the achievement gap

Photo courtesy Don Samuels

After giving up his Minneapolis city council seat, which he had held since 2003, to run for mayor last year with an ambitious education platform, Don Samuels now throws his name into the ring for at-large school board member. He hopes to bring his deep connections within local and state government to support the superintendent’s agenda in fighting the achievement gap. “I’ve been staring this monster in the face forever with two hands tied behind me,” Samuels said of education issues. “I’ve been on the sidelines of this thing for a long time, and I just want to be in the middle of it.”


Workshops help parents of Minneapolis Public Schools students learn their rights

Parents who attended one of the three Minneapolis PREP workshops (Photo courtesy of Minneapolis Public Schools)

The is the first year Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) have hosted parent advocacy workshops in conjunction with the Parental Readiness and Empowerment Program (PREP). As described by Damon Gunn, program coordinator for the Office of Student, Family and Community Engagement for the MPS, “[We] partnered with the Parental Readiness and Empowerment Program out of Washington, D.C. that has been doing parent advocacy workshops for the last few years.


COMMUNITY VOICES | The terrible MPS IT Department: How could this happen? Think past SPPS

This is a message to all of the students, staff, top academic district leadership, parents/guardians, and all community members who have a vested interest in the Minneapolis Public Schools.  T


Partnership between University of Minnesota and Teach For America set in motion, program still on probation from granting teaching licenses

CEHD graduate student Clare Foley talks in a small group with other graduate students at Cityview elementary school in Minneapolis on June 24, 2014. (Photo by Chelsea Gortmaker)

At Cityview Elementary School in Minneapolis, University of Minnesota students with less than a month of instruction are assisting teachers as they begin their time in a new alternative teaching licensure program.


Rules for school tools, privacy in danger

The surprise announcement by the District administrators to have every St Paul student be given an Ipad (mini-laptop) took many people (even the school board) and public by surprise. The coverage by the two daily newspapers recently has received front page attention. The St Paul School District decided to completely shift gears from what they told voters last year when we voted for a school tax referendum. As soon as I read the articles the questions started to flow. Would there be a parent anywhere who would support the school district’s actions to abrogate their families and children's privacy rights? Does the Ipad initiative violate students/family privacy and liberty rights? Does the School district have the right to install devices in the Ipads that allow monitoring and surveillance of where students go and what they do? What are the choices that parents and students have?


KIPP Stand Academy on the move

KIPP Stand Academy is on the move.


Race, class, opportunity, and deeper learning

What happens when two sets of education advocates with valid perspectives collide?


Achieve Minneapolis seeks graduation coaches

It comes as a surprise to some observers when they find out that the graduation rate in the Minneapolis Public Schools last year was just shy of 54 percent. That means almost half the students don’t graduate on time. And that number represented an improvement over the year 2012.

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