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School Discipline

Ben Peck and Minneapolis Public Schools: Ten years and out, without a warning

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Change has been a constant this year for the Minneapolis Public Schools’ Information Technology department. In addition to bringing on Rich Valerga, its third Chief Information Officer in eighteen months, thirty-four of the department’s approximately sixty employees have been fired, laid off, excessed, or have resigned their positions and left the district.


Krishna Pathak: Hostile environment in Minneapolis Public Schools IT department

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Krishna Pathak, like his former colleague Ben Peck, was a manager in the Minneapolis Public Schools’ Information Technology (IT) department for many years. Pathak started in the district in 2001 and resigned his position as Director of Application Services in December 2013, as a show of support for Peck, who was fired that month by Rich Valerga, the district’s current Chief Information Officer (CIO).


Valerga's vision: Technology in Minneapolis Public Schools

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Under Rich Valerga’s tenure as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS), the district’s information technology department has undergone extensive changes, most notably in terms of who is employed there. As of May 2014, thirty-four of the department’s approximately sixty employees had been laid off, “excessed,” fired, or otherwise let go. This has left many current and former IT employees wondering what Valerga’s vision is for the IT department.


Leaner or meaner? Minneapolis Public Schools makes changes in IT department

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Minneapolis Public Schools have seen major changes in the Information Technology Department in the past year, including restructuring that removed 34 of 60 employees from their jobs. This is the first in a series of four articles exploring what happened — and what people have to say about the changes.


NEWS DAY | Tools in schools

Computers, wi fi, the internet — our schools are lagging far behind what they need in these tools for 21st century life and education. A series of articles from the Hechinger Report outline where we are falling short.


COMMUNITY VOICES | What happens when the world's largest retailer builds schools in black communities?

This should be our message: "We are the answer, not the problem. Your systems are the problem, not our salvation."

Pop quiz: which of the world's largest retailers was the first to make enormous philanthropic investments in the cause of building new schools to educate poor black children?


Symposium highlights union role in creating a quality workforce

Unions play a pivotal role in the cooperative system for training workers in Germany.

More than 100 labor, business, education and government leaders came together at the University of Minnesota on May 27 to discuss the future of workforce training in Minnesota.


The Wright legacy: Since protesting in the 1969 Morrill Hall Takeover, U of M professor John Wright has continued a legacy of pursuing civil rights

John Wright, professor in the African American and African Studies Department, in his office on May 6. (AliciaMcCann/MnDaily2014)

They didn’t chant, and they didn’t carry signs.


Final bonding bill covers most University of Minnesota construction efforts

After months of lobbying and state legislators hashing out budget proposals, this year’s legislative session ended with parts of the University of Minnesota’s bonding request unfulfilled.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Community School of Excellence Asian Penguins

The Community School of Excellence (CSE) is the home to the student club called the Asian Penguins.  Don’t be surprised by the name of the student organization.

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