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Minneapolis Five-Year Enrollment Plan
Achievement Gap 

School Discipline

The fine art of inclusion: Moving beyond the gaps

At the YWCA’s Annual Time to Talk last October, the inclusion expert, Andrés Tapia, spoke about our legendary Minnesota equity gaps. We have the worst gap in the nation between graduation rates for Latino students and white students—the 2nd worst between African American and white students. Tapia pointed out that inclusion is a skill, not an attitude, and that equally compelling studies demonstrate that increased diversity can improve or impede an environment. The research has proven, he said, that the difference lies in how diversity is managed. “Greater diversity leads to greater creativity and productivity,” he said, “only when managed well.”


Minnesota begins to re-invest in affordable higher education

Last year, Minnesota made some much-needed improvements in affordable higher education by restoring some of the funding cut during the Great Recession, according to a new report. After years of severe cuts, policymakers have begun to re-invest in our state’s students and increasing access to an affordable college education. But we haven’t undone all the damage and are still spending 24 percent less on our college students than before the recession.


Teachers split on success of discipline in St. Paul schools

Change in number of suspensions in St. Paul Public Schools from 2008-2012, according to data from Minnesota Department of Education. 

According to Roy Magnuson, a longtime teacher at Como Park High School, the Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies (PBIS) discipline model “is a wonderful set of ideas,” but its


Education accomplishments, aspirations, and assessments in Dayton's State of the State

In his State of the State address, Governor Dayton prominently featured education. He touched on the accomplishments of recent years, described aspirations for the future, and continued the public discussion of appropriate assessment use.


Jourdain seeks to be a voice for Native students

Raising the profile on Native American student issues and accountability are the top priorities for Ira Jourdain in his bid for the Minneapolis Public Schools Board of Education.


Civil rights tour opened students' eyes to Black history, encouraged thoughts of college

(l-r) Jasmine Lynn, Nailah Heard and Jasmine Valentine

Over 40 Minneapolis Public Schools’ (MPS) Black high school students, instead of spending spring break on a sunny beach, traveled down south by bus on a “Civil Rights Research Tour.” The five-day tour (March 31-April 5) took the students to Montgomery, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia and stopped at several historic sites, including the 16th Street Baptist Church, where four young Black girls died in 1964. For some students, the trip also included stops at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).


'Whose Diversity?': University of Minnesota group calls for action with delivery of about 30 far-reaching demands to administration

Independent student collective Whose Diversity? released a list of diversity-rooted demands to University of Minnesota policymakers Wednesday.


'In Praise of a Goddess': Empowerment through information for Indian girls

Global citizenship is a keystone of Macalester education and I, like many students here, strive to connect this idea of global citizenship to my academic endeavors and other engagements on campus. When I graduate, one thing is for certain: I want to leave a lasting impact on the global community and make the world a better place for those who are marginalized in our world. I hope to work in the area of global health in the future and am particularly interested in pursuing a career exploring the intersection between global health and women’s empowerment. I’ve been passionate about women’s empowerment for a very long time, and growing up partly in India only stoked that fervor.

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