MOVIE REVIEW | “Dark Shadows” is yet another flame-out for Tim Burton and Johnny Depp


8 thoughts on “MOVIE REVIEW | “Dark Shadows” is yet another flame-out for Tim Burton and Johnny Depp

  1. It had so much potential…but ended poorly.  How many times can you say “I should have killed you years ago” and then just not do it.  Apparently they both have unlimited powers, except when they fight each other or have sex.  On the flip side, I think the acting, casting, and scenery, could have saved it, but I think the producer may have gotten ahold of the ending and messed it all up.

  2. Ok, l watched the original series from the first day to the last…..if you are trying to compare a soap opera from 1966 to ANYTHING current you are not going to be impressed! an episode or two on Netflix and you will have to admit the budget they were working with..WHAT BUDGET? The actors..have we seen them in anything else????

    Having said this l loved the series was entertaining and damn scarey to a nine year old! l was not expecting a remake of sorts of the original or some kind of continuation of a storyline from 1971 that no one would even begin to understand! Johnny was fabulous as was the rest of the cast! l loved the attention to detail, the costumes were fabulous and it was hilarious! Sorry…..lf you didnt like it, you just didnt get it……which is very typical with Tim Burtans movies!

  3. Having hurried home from schoo, back in the day,,, just to catch a glimpse of dashing David Selby as Quentin and of course the ever brooding/suffering Barnabas, I can tell you that Mr. Johnny Depp did a smashing job of bringing Barnabas to the screen. The very talented Mr. Depp is a treat all in himself let alone getting to once again see a very beloved Gothic series. What an absolute, positive treat. The movie was entertaining, humorous and very much so, eye candy. Thumbs up!

  4. I loved the movie…it was great! Visuals were amazing~actors were precise and it left much for the imagination. Frankly, I am repulsed over these reality shows and real life movie videos that leave little to the imagination and deplete the creativity of the human mind. Well DoneTim Burton; cast & crew~Jay Gabler it would appear lacks the capacity of being able to watch a movie simply for the sake of entertainment.  He obviously went into the movie theatre with a preconception of how he wanted the movie to play out and he was disappointed. It was a hell of a lot better than all the reviews I heard!!!! This is a perfect example of why the public should not base their opinions on the comments of others. Like the old saying…”opinions are like A_ _ holes every body has one”.

  5. Tim Burton should have stopped with Edward Scissor Hands. This movie lost its direction early on and rambled into nothing but a comic slasher flick.



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