Crime rates drop in Cedar-Riverside


2 thoughts on “Crime rates drop in Cedar-Riverside

  1. The Progressive narrative was damaged by this report of a drop in crime rates.  According to many progressives, the crime rate goes up when there is high unemployment.  It is used then to justify more government programs and spending.  It is used to show evidence of racism and income injustice. But this ancient formula for progressives is upset when the numbers don’t support it.  Serious crimes down 40%?  Who do we blame for this debacle?  

  2. Unfortunately, the increased police presence has just moved these crimes into other areas – such as adjacent Seward. I don’t have numbers off hand, but it seems like there are at least 5 weekly burglary reports in seward and twice that in the greater Longfellow neighborhood. Crime here is up far more than it has been since I have been in the neighborhood.

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