County attorneys: Minnesota Majority reports on voter fraud “frivolous”


2 thoughts on “County attorneys: Minnesota Majority reports on voter fraud “frivolous”

  1. Nothing steams me more than an article that is factually incorrect. I know that our Clay county attorney has filed charges against 5 or 6 felons who voted in Moorhead in 2008. These were names given by the above named groups. It makes you wonder if one county was ignored how many more also may have had felons vote. The other point I want to make is why does it take so much time to identify whether felons voted. You look at the name and identifying data.You then check the criminal database and determine if they have voting rights. Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes for most names.Aren’t free and fair election worth a few minutes????


  2. “a report that surveyed Minnesota’s 97 county attorneys”

    How can there be 97 county attorneys when Minnesota only has 87 counties?

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