Copyright law: What needs to change?


One thought on “Copyright law: What needs to change?

  1. I agree it’s ridiculous how the law has been changed to extend copyrights farther and farther, creating swaths of “orphaned” works that can’t legally be used just so Micky Mouse can keep generating profits for Disney.

    On a separate note, I made a video for a nonprofit group and wanted to use a specific piece of music that worked really well with the motion in the video. I wanted to post it to YouTube so I could embed it on the organization’s site, but had to give up on that concept because I couldn’t even figure out how to get a price for the song. There are payments for the song itself as well as every musician on the recording. I got the sense that the companies that deal with such uses didn’t even want to talk to me because I wasn’t from an agency that could bring them repeat business. Compared to music rights, stock photo sites are child’s play.

    I know it’s a slippery slope, but what is the harm in a nonprofit using a song (or a photo)? If they would never have purchased it in the first place at the prices that exist, what is the loss to the copyright holder?

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