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The Twin Cities Daily Planet is a tool for people to share information, create community, hold the powerful accountable and work together for the common good. We strive for high standards of fairness, accuracy, and accountability. If you're a citizen of the world who shares those values, you are invited to register as one of our citizen journalists and contribute articles, photographs, audio or video reporting. (We pay for some articles that are assigned in advance.)

You can contribute your own stories, participate in discussions about local and global issues, and get help from editors and other journalists with planning and writing your next story. You can also submit upcoming events to our community calendar.Contact the editor at editor [at] tcdailyplanet [dot] net (Mary Turck).

We have limited resources and editorial time, so we usually edit only assigned articles. We publish unedited articles in the Free Speech Zone. While we don't edit Free Speech Zone articles, we do moderate them, just as we moderate comments and blogs. For more information see More than a blog: TC Daily Planet editorial standards and practices.

Neighborhood Notes

Neighborhood Notes are not assigned stories. As a neighborhood correspondent, you can post a note at any time, without checking with the editor. Neighborhood Notes are not edited stories. We are currently paying $10 for each Neighborhood Note. We will continue making payments as long as we have money to do so. The forms and instructions for invoicing and payment are found in this Google doc. All invoices must be sent within 30 days of submitting the Neighborhood Note.

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