Connecting over the proposed voter ID amendment


5 thoughts on “Connecting over the proposed voter ID amendment

  1. since the ridiculous gun rights issue is constantly cited as relative to any conversation, imagine if millions of people wanted to exercise their right on the  same day, or in a 12-hour period. It would not be possible to check ids. Maybe voting times need to be expanded to match the times that guns csn be sold.

  2. Didn’t you have to prove who you were to register? In the states I live and have lived in a person goes to the voter registration office and shows an ID to prove who they are and where they live when they register to vote. Just bring the same ID on voting day. As far as illegal voting, if the fellons in MN hadn’t voted Frankin would probly not have gotten in. And then there was the Equidorian house keeper who said she voted for Obama. Not the American/Equidorian house keeper. It is the governments job to ensure my vote is not canceled out by an illegal vote.

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