Mehr Jay Shahidi: Is this Cold War 2?


One thought on “Mehr Jay Shahidi: Is this Cold War 2?

  1. Agreed but you need to add a few ideas. US Foreign policy is indeed responsible. However so is the corporate media in this country. The media has repeatedly repoirted the flat out lies of the US State Dept and other agencies in the governmemnt that are responsible. For example the media reported on the flat out, blatant lies of Rumsfeld and Colin Powel on Yellow cake Uranium in Africa, Sadaam Huissein’s WMD’s, the now infamous “stealing baby incubators in Kuwait” and a host of other lies. Lies which wwere and are propaganda. 

    The media have been and continue to do so. They also will not allow on voices of truth and facts to refute these lies.  There is no equal access from people like say Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges (former NY Times middle east journalist) or the  countless others who have the truth, facts and political analysis.

    In the current wars of occupation that our nation have been involved in, the corporate media have been “inbeded” with troops onthe front lines, report on the thoughts of Military Generals and Pentagon officialas. The media has NEVER been inbeded into the peace movements that covered this nation.

    This has been the case wether the media is “liberal” or “consrevative” Wether it is CNNMSNBC-FOX News-Al Jazera America-NPR-MPR- Star Trib etc etc etc. This is just as true today as it has ever been.

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