The center of hospitality


Traditionally the home was the center of industry and productivity. When you think about it so much of our culture developed in the home. I am a total home body so I really dig the home centered lifestyle. Just to give you an idea Valentine’s day was celebrated at home with homemade eggrolls, sparkling Lingon berry juice and movies.

In addition to industry and productivity the home was also the center of hospitality. I have lately been trying to work on this. When we moved into our current home nearly 7 years ago we had visions of the dinner parties and gathering we would throw at our house, but other then children’s birthday parties we haven’t really followed through with the dream.

Now that the children are older it is so much fun to include them and so for a couple months now we have been preparing for our first hospitality event.

We invited several of the older ladies (Heather you are not included in that title) over to the house for “baby time” and a Valentine’s tea.

The morning of I was starting to freak out at every little mess and wondering if we would be ready and how it would go but it went swimmingly. Kind of like that first scratch on a new car the first is done and I am planning other events.

We had a great time visiting and getting to know each other. One lady had done foster care for 12 years taking new born babies 2 at a time for 3-6 weeks until they could be placed in more permanent homes. Talk about challenging and rewarding work! One lady worked for 20 years at a nursing home and another is learning a new art form. Of course there was plenty of cuddling and baby holding and so much fun.

The girls really really enjoyed the tea and visiting–for most of the evening. Two enjoyed watching TV and retreating to his room.

Today the hospitality it of a more canine variety. This is Sammy, my sister’s dog, being investigated by Carrie our cat. Beth was having some routine maintenence done on her apartment today and Sammy needed a place to stay while Beth and her husband were at work and school. We are very happy to be able to spend the day with Sammy. The children love having him around and Hiro keeps trying to get Sammy to play with him.

Yes being home has so many benefits and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to be home most days. When we go for a walk in our neighborhood it seems like there are an awful lot of lonely houses, but the ones people live in are alive.

What ways do you like living at home?

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