Minnesota Orchestra

COMMUNITY VOICES | "Musicians Exit," a poem about the Minnesota Orchestra

Did we know what we had?

Could we recognize what was growing

in our Midwest midst?

Greatness may have caught us

off guard.


Osmo Vänskä ends tenure with Minnesota Orchestra in glory

Before the concert began, the air was full of emotion as all concert goers knew this would be the last time Osmo Vänskä would conduct the musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra due to his resignation


The wreck of the Minnesota Orchestra: How do we improve the communications among arts boards, artists, and audiences?

Photo by JFXie (Creative Commons)

It’s been a pretty depressing week, what with the government shutdown and the resignation of Osmo Vänskä from the Minnesota Orchestra. I have to admit that I haven’t exactly been a ticket-buying supporter of the orchestra. I think the last time I went to actually see a live orchestra concert I was in college. It’s not that I don’t like classical music—I actually can’t explain my lack of enthusiasm, other than there were other things that interested me more. Still, I think it’s a shame that such a revered institution is in such dire straits.


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