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Light rail safety efforts rev up, officers may start ticketing to curb unlawful crossing

(Photo by Alex Tuthill-Preu) University police officer Jason Printz observes pedestrians crossing Washington Avenue Southeast on the East Bank on Sept. 2, 2014, assuring they abide by the walk signals.

As crowds of students crossed the Green Line light rail for the first time last week, University of Minnesota and city officials upped safety measures to prevent accidents this year.


Report calls for more public space along Green Line

(Photo by Bruce Johansen)

The opening of the Green Line light rail has environmental advocates and others evaluating the University of Minnesota’s amount of green space.


Touring Green Line green infrastructure

This past Saturday I participated in a tour of Green Line “Green Infrastructure” as part of Public Art Saint Paul’s City Art Collaboratory Program. We are a group of multidisciplinary artists and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) professionals who embark on monthly field trips together, exploring the living systems of the City of Saint Paul. One of our cohort is Matt Kumka, a landscape architect at Barr Engineering. He and his coworker, green engineer Nathan Campeau, guided us on this three-stop tour looking primarily at the stormwater management features.


Riding the Green Line: Why shared public space matters

I board the Green Line, traveling east from downtown Minneapolis. It’s my first time taking the new line mid-day on a weekday, and I’m riding it just a few stops. It seems quiet.


Green Line, green lights

Suppose you have a train moving along (parallel to) an East-West (EW) signalized arterial.


Green Line signal priority Q&A

As the Green Line opened on June 14th, most of us were just excited to finally have a new service plying the busy Central Corridor area, but many were keeping an eye on their clocks and watches, checking its speed against the schedules that had been posted a couple of weeks earlier. On opening weekend, many trains were taking more than an hour to make it from end to end. The signal priority system that’s necessary for trains to operate smoothly just wasn’t working right. But hey, it was opening weekend, when 107,000 people turned out for free rides over two days—things were bound to be worse than normal.


Happy times on the Green Line spurs business, beer

I crossed University Avenue to get on the Green Line at the Raymond Avenue station with a friend the other day. We were catching a downtown Minneapolis bar's happy hour. During the twenty minute ride to the Warehouse District, we chatted, not worrying about stop lights, reckless drivers or navigation errors.


Three more Green Line station gripes

On the most recent streets.mn podcast, I interviewed fellow streets.mn writer David Levinson about transit and transportation while we rode the Green Line westward from end to end. Of course we had a fascination discussion all about the LRT and its costs, its foibles, and ways to improve it.


The Green Line is wonderful but a challenge to access on foot

Cruising high above the Mississippi River on my first Green Line light rail ride was something I may never forget. It felt so…right. Some may find it absurd to hear me say it is worth the billion dollars just to ride it across the Mississippi.


Revisiting "The Amazing Race:” LRT versus Car

I’m not an unquestioning LRT lackey. Some questions about LRT strike me as very fair.

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