Anti-Torture Rally

'Son of Sam' to appear at Beth El Synagogue

ST. LOUIS PARK, Minnesota. June 11, 2012 -- In a letter to its members, Beth El Synagogue announced today that it is excited about the appearance of David Berkowitz ("Son of Sam") at an August 8, 2012, "important fundraiser for...[the] synagogue." The letter continues, "His appearance coincides with the 35th anniversary of Mr. Berkowitz's arrest for the murder of six people and wounding of several others, a time when New Yorkers came together with a singular purpose."


Anti-Torture Rally Outside Condoleezza Rice Speech

11/08/2009 - 5:15pm - 6:15pm

Come participate in this protest of prima facie war criminal Condoleezza Rice who willfully and deceitfully sold Bush's war on Iraq by fear mongering about “mushroom clouds” and who also OK'd going

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