Dubliner Pub: Interview transcript

Bruce Johansen: It’s September 18, 2013 and I’m Bruce Johansen. I’m at the Dubliner Pub, located at 2162 University Avenue West in St. Paul. This interview is one in a series that I’m doing with business owners along University Avenue, also known now as the Central Corridor. This project is funded through a State of Minnesota Historical & Cultural Heritage Grant. With me is owner Tom Scanlon.


Minimum wage supporters object to amendment proposal

Pressure to raise the minimum wage has been building on state legislators. (Photo courtesy of raisethewagemn.org)

Supporters of an increase in Minnesota’s minimum wage are objecting to Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk’s proposal that lawmakers put the issue on the November ballot, instead of acting to raise the wage during the current legislative session.


Will luxury work on West Broadway? Developer Tim Baylor thinks so

The smallest building, at left, would be the first phase of Satori, next to the Cub parking lot. A 300-car partly-underground parking lot is shown behind the middle (900) block. (Photos by Margo Ashmore)

It impressed even the people who opposed tearing down the last remaining concentrated blocks of old buildings on West Broadway to make it happen—though they said, “pick different blocks.” Tim Baylor’s proposed “Satori” project would bring 234 luxury apartments, office space, and retail that would serve the new residents and the community, to the 800, 900, and 1000 blocks of West Broadway’s south side. That’s from Cub, to Emerson Avenue.


Fight for MN minimum wage hike may go to referendum over indexing

Photo courtesy of Workday Minnesota

On March 27, the Minnesota legislative debate over raising the minimum wage took a new twist.


Minneapolis-based American Refugee Committee sells Microfinance Bank to Liberian diaspora

Kabh, a produce vendor in Monrovia, Liberia is one of the recipients of loans from Liberty Finance, a microfinance bank started by Minneapolis-based American Refugee Committee. ARC announced on March 27, 2014 that it has sold the bank to a group of local Liberians that include members of the Liberian Diaspora. (Photo: Linda Cullen/ARC)

The American Refugee Committee, based in Minneapolis, has sold its Liberian Microfinance Bank, Liberty Finance, LLC to DCRB Investments. DCRB is a company registered in Liberia and includes former members of the Liberian Diaspora in Minnesota now based in Liberia. Sale terms were not disclosed (We will be talking to the ARC CFO later tonight who is en route from Liberia and will update as necessary).


Push to unionize adjunct faculty gains traction at Twin Cities institutions

As higher education institutions increasingly rely on adjunct faculty to supplement their teaching workloads, one of the largest union organizations in the country is urging these contingent employees to unionize.


Equity is more than just a buzzword

Invoking the word "equity" is a lot like talking about Heaven. Everyone likes to describe it, but nobody seems to do what it takes to get there. Or worse yet, the word gets tossed around with no meaning whatsoever. It's become the trendy thing people have to say they want. And yet I struggle to find any meaningful incorporation of its principles into actual policy. When it does make its way into political decisions, equity seems to be applied only to giant, broad initiatives like raising the minimum wage or anti-bullying legislation. When the word is bandied about at community meetings, it doesn't seem attached to any specific actions at all.


Doran: Business group can't delay Dinkytown hotel

Tensions boiled over at the most recent Dinkytown Business Association meeting when prominent local developer and Doran Companies CEO Kelly Doran claimed the business group isn’t legally legitimate — and he may have been right.


A Minneapolis without disparities: Community groups, elected officials unite behind this critical goal of city government

Elizabeth Glidden (r) and Evette McDonald-McCarthy (from Sunshine Tree Child Development) at Arts on Chicago (Photo courtesy of the Office of Elizabeth Glidden)

As many residents may or may not be aware, the City of Minneapolis is in the midst of an effort it calls Strategic Planning for City Goals, a framework outlining the City’s direction and priorities in upcoming years. The process of establishing those goals is a work in process, but to date, the areas of concentration listed on the City’s website call for Minneapolis to (paraphrased):

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