When the University of Minnesota is involved, councilmember Jacob Frey isn't shy

City Council member Jacob Frey speaks to the press Friday in Dinkytown about being safe after Saturday's Gophers men's hockey team's NCAA championship game. (Photo by Bridget Bennet)

Jacob Frey has already made a noticeable mark on Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota, even though he’s been a City Council member for less than four months.


Weigh in on statewide bike plan

Minnesotans are invited to weigh in on a forthcoming statewide bicycle system plan at nine public meetings around the state over the next several weeks. Public comments "will help us identify and recommend bike routes, improve existing facilities in the bike system and more effectively address the needs of bicyclists," says the state Department of Transportation.


Francy and the bus shelter: One woman's crusade for 'decent' transit stops

Back in February, the Star Tribune ran a story on the front page of the Metro section entitled “Mpls. Reclaims Bus Shelters.”1 The article described the city’s plans to acquire 177 existing bus shelters from CBS Outdoor, a privately owned company, and transfer management to Metro Transit. This decision came in response to citizen complaints about CBS Outdoor’s poor maintenance of the shelters.


Minneapolis patches pothole fund with extra $1 million

One of the many potholes that cars attempt to avoid hitting on Pillsbury Drive Southeast on the University's East Bank on Thursday. (Photo by Holly Peterson)

This year’s harsh winter conditions have created massive potholes throughout Minneapolis, prompting City Council members to pass a budget measure Friday to help speed up repairs.


Potholes and paving projects in Nokomis

According to Mike Kennedy, the city’s director of the Transportation Maintenance and Repair Division, residents in the southwest and Lake Nokomis areas of the city call in with more complaints than anywhere else. But, the StarTribune reported, “He doesn’t believe their streets have more potholes than other parts of the city.”


CNO endorses Bikeways for Everyone campaign

Image a citywide network of connected bikeways that make everyone from children to grandparents fell safe riding anywhere in Minneapolis. This is the vision of the Bikeways for Everyone campaign, championed by the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, and now endorsed by the resident member Board of Directors of CNO. If you’re passionate about biking, contact Corcoran resident Mary Robinson <CorcoranBikes [at] gmail [dot] com> to get involved in our neighborhood’s support of the campaign.


If potholes could talk, would we understand them?

When a bicycle hits a rock, it is not social. But when a cyclist crosses a ‘stop’ sign, it becomes social. -Bruno Latour


The enormity of the 'Hennepin-Lyndale Spaghetti Bowl'

There are a lot of ways to subsidize a thing. We subsidize homeownership with tax breaks. We subsidize corn production with price floors. We subsidize highway driving by transferring billions of dollars a year from the general fund to the foundering Highway Trust Fund. Whether or not you agree with these policies, they’re visible and quantifiable. But some subsidies aren’t so easy to see and measure.


COMMUNITY VOICES | North Minneapolis Transit Forum: SWLRT

A little after 4 pm on Wednesday April 9, the Met Council will consider a slightly revised recommendation for the scope and budget of the Southwest Light Rail Project.  When completed, the new

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