What is the "real" poverty rate?

A single person, living alone, with earnings from employment totaling $10,000 falls below the United States poverty threshold ($10,890 for a one person household in 2011). The Census Bureau classifies that person as “in poverty.” But what if he or she receives government benefits, such as health care, with a value of $5,000 or more per year?


Wall Street train wreck slams farmers

The fallout from the collapse of MF Global continues to reverberate around farm country. The firm’s demise is yet another painful case of how Wall Street’s recklessness is overwhelming under-resourced regulators and hurting people around the country. The response from Congress?


Print or die

Europe has come to understand that what is at stake right now is not just the economies of a few member nations, but the future of European Union itself.  The cornerstone of that union is the Euro, the single currency that has made close cooperation even tighter.  But in order to save that currency, there is little that can be done short of the member nations drawing much closer toget


OPINION | Support the 99%

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations that have swept the world have brought important questions into focus.


Tax relief to be a 'top-tier priority'

House Taxes Committee Chairman Rep.


The clock ticks: History, unemployment, and presidential elections

Less than one year to the 2012 elections. Barely 50 days to the Iowa caucuses. Less than 60 days to the New Hampshire primary. The official presidential race is upon us. But as the clocks ticks, time is running out for Obama and history is against him.


Euro contrast

This morning the Euro crisis moved on from the still unresolved Greek issue to Italy. There is nothing new here except that Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi said he would resign after an austerity package was passed and move the nation ahead into new elections.  How did that happen?


Occupy occupies house

A group of Occupy Minnesota protesters took up new positions at a Minneapolis home last night.


Protesters rally against Wells Fargo

Deputy Organizing & Training Director of TakeAction Minnesota Elizabeth Lienesch leads a protest outside of McNamara Alumni Center Tuesday on East Bank. The protest was meant to pressure Wells Fargo CEO Jon Stumpf into changing educational loaning policies. (Photo by Anthony Kwan)

Roughly 50 Minneapolis protesters rallied outside the University of Minnesota’s McNamara Alumni Center on Tuesday to pressure Wells Fargo CEO Jon Stumpf  as he spoke at a

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