BEHIND THE STORY | Taking on my local co-op over Eden Foods

I don’t consider myself much of a political or activist person. I’m used to listening more than speaking. I write about what other people are doing to make the world a better place rather than taking initiatives on my own. So lately I’ve found myself in a strange, unfamiliar place taking on a cause. It has to do with my local co-op and their decision to continue to carry Eden Foods, the Hobby Lobby of Soy products. After the Hobby Lobby Supreme court victory, allowing them to be exempted from providing health care for four types of birth control, Eden Foods revived their own case, which would allow them to be exempted from covering any type of birth control whatsoever.


Cedar Summit Farm owners win case, coalition of utilities building CapX2020 must "Buy The Farm"

Cedar Summit Farm is one of the success stories of Minnesota's buy-local dairies, but as City Pages reported in 2013's Cedar Summit Farms could be forced to relocate due to power line expansion, Florence and Dave Minar's organic and grass-fed operation wasn't compatible with the 345,000-volt line.


Educating future nurses as a ticket out of poverty

FHCA Founder, Rachelle Simmons and her class gather around a patient during a hospital tour.

Sometimes, an airplane ride can change your life. Rachelle Simmons was college visiting in Baltimore with her son, and mentally noted something unique.


TC Spotlight | Urban agriculture in the Twin Cities

For this week’s TC Spotlight, we decided to keep the outdoor summer theme and shine a spotlight on the ever-growing urban agriculture movement in the Twin Cities.

Urban agriculture comes in various forms and benefits urban communities in many ways. Urban farms provide fresh local food sources and economic development, and they create a space for social interaction, neighborhood beautification, and engagement. Below we’ve highlight just a few of the many organizations that specialize in urban agriculture and how you can support them. Feel free to use the comment section to chime in on your favorite sources of local produce and all things urban agriculture.


Treehouse Records a staple of the Twin Cities

It smells like the 1980s: a little bit stale tobacco smoke, a little bit unwashed dog. This is appropriate, I guess, because this same record store with a different name (Oarfolkjokeopus, a very different name) was the high tide point of the Minneapolis music scene during a time when the Minneapolis music scene was the high tide point of the American music industry, and that time was called the 1980s. Old vinyl has its own smell anyway, but all the vinyl in this store is not old, and all the musical wares are not vinyl. Still, that’s what it’s known for, Treehouse Records: used vinyl. There are also new releases, and some used CDs and you can buy tickets to First Avenue shows and occasionally there is live music in the store. Mark Trehus, the owner, used to be the manager of Oarfolkjokeopus, and he bought the business, but not the name, in 2001. Trehus also used to own a record label with the same name, Treehouse Records, in the 1980s and 90s, but it is no more. Just the record store, ticking along at the corner of 26th and Lyndale, a corner where Trehus has been doing business for 28 years.


Movies on 35th Street: Bringing the community back to video rentals

It’s strange to have rows of sleek DVD cases be an object of nostalgia, but for those who haven’t set foot in a video rental store for years, visiting The Movies on 35th Street is almost like returning to a simpler time. It’s exactly like the video store you remember: A muted video plays on the corner TV, movie posters line the front desk, and the owner stands behind the front desk, chatting with customers and methodically polishing DVDs.


Old Hamm's brewery finds new life in three businesses

(Photo by Karin DuPaul) Standing in front of the entrance to the Flat Earth Brewing Company are, from left: Lee Egbert and Bob McManus, owners of 11 Wells Distillery; John Warner, owner of Flat Earth; Bob Roepke, Flat Earth Brewer Master; and Franco Claseman, Flat Earth Operations Manager.

The rich history of the Hamm’s Brewery, the desire to be part of the renewal of these historic buildings, and the water from “the land of sky blue waters” brought three businesses to the oldest buildings on the Hamm’s Brewery campus: the city-owned buildings on the south side of East Minnehaha Avenue.


Sympathy for the Devil?

It may seem strange to work up much sympathy for a booming industry that killed 47 people while virtually leveling their Quebec town last year and later touched off a giant fireball over Casselton, N.D., on the Minnesota border, but that's what I'm feeling these days for the railroads.


New federal law for Somali-Americans is a Minnesotan victory

President Barack Obama is expected to sign a bill that supports a large community in Minnesota. Thanks to the Money Remittances Improvement Act, which was recently approved by the U.S. House and Senate, Somali-Americans will have more freedom to send money overseas to their loved ones.

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