Is MPR for Black folk?; Two radio veterans hope to attract more diverse listeners

Jonathan Blakley (l) and Toni Randolph (r); Photo by Charles Hallman.

After nearly six months as Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) program director, veteran newsman Johnathan Blakley is overseeing “a variety of new podcasts [and] new voices.”


Real Digital Inclusion – A challenge for transparency advocates

The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect. Tim Berners-Lee W3C.


A Free Press Would Publish the Charlie Hebdo Cartoons

Mass murder against journalists and cartoonists for the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo must be a challenge for stronger support of freedom of the p

Navell Gordon, smeared face of #Pointergate, tells his story

(Still from video below) Navell Gordon

Navell Gordon became famous when KSTP-TV blurred his face in a photo where he was standing next to Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and broadcast it because police said the two were flashing gang signs by pointing at each other. Social media dubbed the story #Pointergate. Gordon says he is not a member of the kind of gang KSTP-TV insinuated he belonged to. “I’m a member of the NOC gang,” he says with a laugh. “Knocking on doors, and organizing and getting more people involved.”


Special Report: Trans voices still missing from Minnesota news reporting

(Image via

The Minnesota State High School League’s vote in early December to include transgender students in high school athletics made news throughout the state. For the first time in recent memory, a transgender issue was thoroughly covered through television, newspaper, radio, and the web. For many media outlets, it was one of the few times transgender issues were reported on. In some cases, that inexperience showed.


#Pointergate points to the imperative of oversight

In another life I was a stooge on the Minnesota News Council. At some point I, as a member in good standing, read in the press that the MNC was to be no more – no explanation, a simple affirmation that the staff person had acquired a safe position at the University of St. Thomas. Because I was too otherwise engaged to explore the roots of a decision I accepted as a done deal, closed that file, and gave complicit assent to a decision I knew was wrong.


Fire on the Bluff: Airstream pizza kitchen meets the East Side radio novela

Maria Avenue resident Barry Madore is planning two projects for the East Side that likely have never been combined before: a roving wood-fired pizza kitchen in a classic Airstream trailer, and a bilingual radio novela series to be aired on the soon-to-be-live East Side radio station, WEQY-FM.


Beyond press release journalism and official stories

Police break up Colorado drug ring! Oops — no, they didn’t. What actually happened: police arrested 40 people on the basis of unreliable and vindictive informants, splashed their names and faces all over local front pages and TV news, and later dismissed all the charges. This story of policing — journalism — gone wrong demonstrates the perils of relying on the “official story.”


VIDEO: Journalists discuss #Pointergate

UPDATED Tuesday, December 9, 2014, 1:58 pm.

The Society of Professional Journalists – Minnesota Pro Chapter, along with the Twin Cities chapters of the National Association of Black Journalists and the Asian American Journalists Association, as well as the Silha Center for the Study of Media Ethics and Law and the Minnesota Journalism Center, hosted a panel discussion on the recent Pointergate issue in our local community.

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