Islamophobia despite civil rights

Despite Minnesota’s strong legislation safeguarding civil rights, discrimination is still a problem. An unsettling amount of Muslim Americans in Minnesota face prejudice from employers, teachers, law enforcement, and peers.


Universities, diversity and creating equity

A few weeks ago, I met with new professionals in Student Development. They were participating in the national conference of the ACSD (Association of Christians in Student Development) and had visited the Sanctuary Covenant Church, to “observe and participate in an intentionally multi-cultural church community.” I had been invited to join them for lunch and a discussion, their leaders were challenging them to see the importance of welcoming diverse students to their primarily white schools and creating an inclusive and supportive environment. As we closed out our time together a group of young, European-American, men asked me, “What do you see as the “end goal” is it, tolerance, reconciliation, diversity, inclusion or….?”


MXDWELL hosts first Loving Day festival in Loring Park

Photos by Ben Heath

What could be more important than being free to love whom you choose?


'Whose Diversity?' resists cooptation, wants more than 'sprinkling a few faces of color in catalogues' for University of Minnesota

“Whose Diversity?” members (l-r) Rahsaan Mahadeo and Tori Hong (Photo by Charles Hallman)

The issue of diversity is ever-present at the University of Minnesota. However, this may be the only thing both top administrators and a diverse group of students can easily agree upon.


Hmong mentoring program off to rewarding start for Big Brothers Big Sisters

Little Brother Minnie and his Big Brother Meej (Photos courtesy of BBBS)

When 12-year-old Steven’s mom told him about the Big Brothers Big Sisters program last year, the St. Paul Hmong boy was intrigued.


President Bill Clinton brings a little story-telling, a little preaching to Minneapolis

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton on Monday (June 9) again deftly displayed his storytelling skills to an almost packed house at the University of Minnesota's Northrop Auditorium. Amidst his tales, the 42nd president sadly noted today’s present political landscape. Politicians must start speaking honestly about issues that concern all Americans, Clinton said, even if that means they “must risk” not being elected or re-elected.


The Artists' Lab: Finding Judaism through art

A trend has developed in recent years within Jewish communities of artist salons – a way to bring artists together to make art specifically through a Jewish lens. With the help of a grant from the Covenant Foundation a Jewish artist salon sprouted in the Twin Cities, as well as nearby cities of Milwaukee and Madison. The Artists’ Lab is an initiative of Sabes JCC interrelating art and Jewish text. Bringing together 25 local artists plus an artist-in-residence, the Lab is an exploration of Judaism through an artistic perspective.


OPINION | Opportunity gaps persist after college graduation

In roughly three months’ time, as classrooms fill and teachers work to engage and motivate their new charges, many students will hear a time-honored presentation on the importance of a college degree. College degrees, they will be told, increase your likelihood of getting a job, and they increase how much you will be paid over the course of your career.

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