Dreams, history and passion: An interview with Mychal Mitchell

What does it mean to follow your dreams and to tell stories for a living? How do we remember those who made a difference in our lives? Making movies has been one route many Lao and their families are taking because we have a generation coming of age that understands how vital it is to add the Lao perspective to the American Dream.


OPINION | Are the Twin Cities losing Black professionals due to lacking social scene?

Recently on a local sports talk radio station the hosts were lamenting on the poor play of the Timberwolves and began discussing what they called an overall lack of talent.


Martin Luther King Day in the Twin Cities: A chance to connect, reflect, serve

 “Love is creative and redemptive. Love builds up and unites; hate tears down and destroys...the aftermath of the love method is reconciliation and creation of the beloved community.” —Martin Luther King, Jr., 1957 


2014 Black history events calendar

MLK Holiday Breakfast
When: Monday, Jan. 20, 2014, 7:00 a.m.
Where: Minneapolis Convention Center, Ballroom A, 1301 Second Ave S


Over 40 years ago Martin Luther King, Jr. pointed out the "illusion of the damned"

“When I speak of integration, I don’t mean a romantic mixing of colors. I mean a real sharing of power and responsibility. We will eventually achieve this, but it is going to be much more difficult for us than for any other minority. After all, no other minority has been so constantly, brutally and deliberately exploited. But because of this very exploitation, Negroes bring a special spiritual and moral contribution to American life — a contribution without which America could not survive.”


OPINION | Ethnic mix in schools not as important as student success

Nobody asked me, but there's a lot of hot wind blowing around about what ethnic mix is the best school setting Black parents should be considering for their children.


School discipline shouldn't be miniature law enforcement

Schools should welcome and teach, not isolate. Still, too many schools show massive racial disparities in suspension and expulsion rates, as well as in less severe disciplinary measures. The response of some districts has simply been to prohibit principals from suspending students, which is wholly inadequate. Reforming school discipline needs to be more thoughtful.


NEWS DAY | Discrimination drives discipline in schools — and it's time to stop

In early January, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Attorney General Eric Holder jointly announced new federal guidelines on school discipline. Why?


Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges looks forward

After a sound victory in the Nov. 5 election, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges is looking forward to working on her goals for education, building relationships with the Native American community in Minneapolis and across the state.

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