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State Policy Network received $40K grant request from Center of the American Experiment to debunk MN public pension "myths"

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) related document drop continues today at the Guardian, with the ALEC-associated States Policy Network (SPN) in the sights of the British paper with the publication of State conservative groups plan US-wide assault on education, health and tax.


The global assault on democracy

A country polarized and in paralysis by its political parties. A country that spies on its citizens and where its representatives no longer seem connected or accountable to their people. A country where the standard of living of its people is eroding. Sound familiar? At one time such a description did not include the United States. It used to be them, those other countries, but not the United States. But what has become clear is how much the United States has lost its exceptionalism and become just another advanced if not aging democracy in serious need of structural reforms.


Political arithmetic: Why math sucks for Obama and is important for Ranked Choice Voting

Political science students think math sucks, and so do many politicans! Yet the fate of Barack Obama, Obamacare, and Ranked Choice Voting all resident in their numbers. Let’s think about how this is the case.


New poverty measure shows public policies make a difference

One in six Americans lived in poverty in 2012. That’s according to the Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM) released by the U.S. Census Bureau, a more comprehensive way to measure poverty than the official poverty measure.


Live blogging CityCamp MN 2013: Twin Cities holds 2nd unconference for technology-enhanced civic ideas, solutions

Photos by Kristoffer Tigue

This story is live coverage on the November 9 CityCamp MN 2013 unconference. Check back in throughout the day for updates, down below.


For better or worse: How Minnesota is changing

Minnesota State Demographer Susan Brower and State Economist Laura Kalambokidis

Will Minnesota remain at the top of the list of all things right and good for the next ten to fifty years?


MN Videos | North Minneapolis Votes

Check out this video about how nonprofit MN Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (MNNOC) has been working to get North Minneapolis residents out to vote.


Strategy and opportunity with marijuana legalization

A recent Gallup poll found that a majority of Americans favor marijuana legalization for the first time, and supporters skew towards the younger end of the age spectrum. TPM gets a hat tip and credit for calling it correctly. They said last April this would happen, “Surprised At Speed Of Gay Marriage? Pot Legalization Is Next“. In that article, they posted a graph using polling data going back to 1995 which showed that support for marijuana legalization followed the same trajectory as support for marriage equality, being just a bit behind. With the increase in support for marriage equality which a few months earlier allowed supporters to win at the polls in four states, they predicted marijuana legalization would shortly reach the same level of support. Apparently they were right. TPM unfortunately lost the graph when the redesigned their web site, but I found it in an internet archive. Here it is:


Women at the tables of power leads to more sustainable peace

We are no strangers to conflict. Senator Torres Ray hails from Colombia, a country wracked by 45 years of civil war and drug violence, where every visit entails a certain risk. Senator Sandy Pappas has three daughters and seventeen grandchildren living in Northern Israel – just 30 miles from the Syrian border. So we both could relate to and were eager to meet with our colleagues from war torn countries through a partnership of Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND) Women Legislators Lobby (WiLL) and the EastWest Institute Parliamentarian Network for Conflict Prevention. Women political leaders from the east and west came together to advance women’s roles in building sustainable peace.

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