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How to tell if a poll is an outlier

It just so happens that we have excellent real-world examples, contained in a poll of Minnesotans recently conducted by SurveyUSA for KSTP. SUSA is among the most accurate pollsters, cycle after cycle. But in this game, even the best sometimes miss.


COMMUNITY VOICES | University of Minnesota faculty statement on the visit of Dr. Condoleezza Rice

[Editor's note: This is the text of a petition/statement by University of Minnesota faculty members objecting to this week's visit by Dr. Condoleezza Rice.] On April 17, 2014, former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will visit the University of Minnesota to give the Distinguished Carlson Lecture, an annual activity of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, endowed by a private gift from the Carlson Foundation. This year, the lecture has an additional significance, as it is part of the series of events entitled, "Keeping Faith with a Legacy of Justice," sponsored by the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the American Civil Rights Act of 1964. As the flagship speaker for the main event of the series, Dr. Rice is explicitly being honored as a civil rights leader and being brought in to speak about civil rights given her purported leadership and expertise on American civil rights.


Activism, innovation and pragmatism: Andrew Johnson's first 100 (and a bit) days

Andrew Johnson is the youngest member of the Minneapolis City Council at only 29 years of age. (“Also the only single one,” he reminds me to mention.) One of seven (of 13) CMs newly elected in November 2013, he is also one of the ones most likely to succeed Gary Schiff in being the leftward pull of DFL progressivism on the Council. Johnson says it has always been his dream to be an actual politician, but not one he expected to attain, nor did he have a master plan to get there. He says circumstances just “opened a path” and he took it. Before that he had made his living as an IT systems engineer, while working tirelessly in his spare time as a neighborhood and environmental activist. His style is robust activism, with an emphasis on innovation, yet tempered with a keen pragmatism beyond what is expected with his youth and inexperience.


COMMUNITY VOICES | North Minneapolis Transit Forum: SWLRT

A little after 4 pm on Wednesday April 9, the Met Council will consider a slightly revised recommendation for the scope and budget of the Southwest Light Rail Project.  When completed, the new


Canceling Columbus Day: Minneapolis vote set

Columbus Day in Minneapolis may soon be celebrated as Indigenous Peoples Day if a coalition of advocates, city leaders and organizations can convince a majority of the 13-member Minneapolis City Council to approve the change.


Bill to boost broadband in Minnesota struggles in legislature

In a revealing video about the Internet access problem in rural Minnesota, Annandale City Administrator Kelly Hinnenkamp [above] describes her town's struggle with connectivity. The video is the latest in a series on the Minnesota Senate DFL YouTube page intended to shed light on the critical situation in the state.


Under a new Minneapolis ordinance, music venues would have to provide free earplugs to concert-goers

Audience members listen and dance to Night Moves close to the stage at the Varsity Theater on Friday night. The proposed ordinance would require venues to provide earplugs to concert attendees. (Photo by Patricia Grove)

A new city law might force music venues to give concertgoers’ ears a break.

The change would come in the form of free earplugs, which Minneapolis venues would have to provide under the new ordinance.


The President as Pharaoh: Drones reveal hardness of heart

As we approach the Biblical season of Passover and Easter, it is instructive to explore some of the implications of "exodus" for us today. Having read Rabbis' Waskow and Berman's excellent Freedom Journeys, calling us to re-enact the struggle for liberation from bondage every year, I took to thinking about our Commander-in-Chief in the light of the forces aligned against Moses and his oppressed people.


House releases 'inadequate' $850 million bonding proposal; $125 million cash plan

Members of the House Capital Investment Committee are pictured during an October tour of the Mankato Events Center Auditorium/Convention Center. The facility was included in a $914.6 million House bonding bill released Tuesday. (Session Daily file photo)

Public colleges and university buildings could get some much-needed repair and three civic center projects could be constructed — but funding to continue State Capitol renovations is up in the air.

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