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Help sought to tackle rising tuition, student debt

A 15-year trend of rising tuition for students attending public and private colleges throughout Minnesota has captured the attention of the House Higher Education Po


More slaves today than at any other time in history

There are more slaves today than at any point in history. They labor in fields and factories, under brutal “owners” who threaten violence if they try to escape.


Lots of MN House members not really tired of hearing voter complaints about election junkmail

Since our world headquarters in sunny Maynard is nestled in one of the flipped House districts, Bluestem still has a pile of 2014 Independent Expenditure political junkmail sent by the friends of b


OPINION | Time for law enforcement to listen to criticism

The recent open letter issued by the police union presidents of Minneapolis and St.


Minnesota state, local taxes fairer than most, report finds

Minnesota’s tax structure is among the fairest in the country, according to the results of an annual analysis of state and local tax systems released today by the nonpartisan MORE »

8 Reasons Biking and Walking Should be Part of the State Transportation Bill

Transportation is one of the top issues at the State Legislature this year and is already getting a lot of media attention.

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