VOICES | In need of a balanced housing policy to weather Minnesota’s financial storms

Minnesota is in the midst of an unprecedented housing and economic crisis that has no end horizon in sight.MORE »

VOICES | A hollow response to education

Minnesota schools have been strangled by years of neglect. Schools now receive 14 percent less in state funding than they did in 2003.MORE »

City Council fiefdoms? Starved to death or stabbed in the back? What's going on in Minneapolis?

City council members Paul Ostrow, Don Samuels and Ralph Remington have stirred up a hornet's nest with proposals to fundamentally transform city government. Their three proposals:

Hanging on by a keystroke

I sleep with Puter and Lator every night. Neither one of them initiate contact, I always do--but as a heterosexual male, that is a familiar role for me.MORE »

Cut to the chase: Budget impact on higher ed in Minnesota

To cut to the chase, the Governor proposed cutting MnSCU’s general operating fund base by $146 million, or 10.7%. It would be up to the MnSCU Board to figure out how to apply the cuts.

VOICES | Do you have an accent?

If you are like me, with deep roots in Africa, you probably have heard Americans say you have an accent.MORE »
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