Who was the worst offender in Lakeville–the questioner or the candidate?

Much has been made of McCain’s angry crowd in Lakeville last week, where the candidate snatched a microphone from the hands of a questioner asserting that Barack Obama is “an Arab.” McCain’s response MORE »

Biden-Palin "Debate": Style Ties With Substance

Last night's vice-presidential candidate "debate" was as much spectacle as it was anything to do with choosing the next Administration. Gov.MORE »

Readers comment on theater at St. Thomas

"Foley folly" ... "Tragic mistake" ... "Disappointment by St. Thomas choice" ... "Money isn't everything." Comments on St.MORE »

Obama's "Problem" With William Ayers

Recently the Presidential campaign of 2008 has taken a nasty turn.MORE »

The "What's going on here?" paragraph explained

by Jeff Nygaard • 9/5/08 • The daily news is typically limited to reporting on specific daily events. Since reporters are aware that no event makes sense without a context, they will often insert into an article what I call the "What's going on here?" paragraph. While the point of such paragraphs is to make the specific event (that is, the focus of the story) more understandable, they do not always succeed. That is, they don't always succeed in helping us understand the story.MORE »

Voices | Attending to teen pregnancy: strengthening the Liberian family system

This week I received a phone call from a reader. She read my paper on weak family systems in Liberia and urged me to address the subject of teen pregnancy in a follow up article.MORE »

Veteran anti-war icon visits the Twin Cities

Speaking without a microphone, clearly tired from five previous speaking engagements that day, an anti-war icon from the 60’s clearly engaged a predominately college-aged audience in St. Paul.MORE »

U.S. Army at the RNC

by Mary Turck • 10/8/08 • Army Col. Michael Boatner admitted October 7 that active-duty U.S. military were sent to St. Paul for the Republican National Convention. Col. Boatner, the future operations division chief of USNORTHCOM, told Amy Goodman on Democracy Now that the army was "up there in support of the US Secret Service. We provided some explosive ordnance disposal support of the event." MORE »

Oh my. On stump, McCain addresses "my fellow prisoners"

by Paul Schmelzer • 10/8/08 • At a rally today, John McCain addressed "my fellow prisoners." I mean, it's kinda true, but could that really be what he meant?

Looking into the “soul” of the Republican Party

by Myles Spicer, 10/8/08 • In 2001, President Bush met with Vladimir Putin, and exclaimed: “I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straight forward and trustworthy and we had a very good dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul.” Well, Thursday, Oct. 2, I watched the Vice Presidential debate, and looked into Sarah Palin’s eyes, and saw the “soul” of the Republican Party. It wasn’t as pretty as the “soul” Bush saw in Putin (which turned out to be pretty dark). MORE »
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