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Great local art at the Vine Arts Center

The current Member Show at the Vine Arts Center reveals the promise and richness of the art scene in Minneapolis, and establishes the Center as a go-to gallery for quality local art. The entire show is an interesting mix of talent and mediums, but the photography, ceramics and collages are the standouts.


FREE SPEECH ZONE | Bad Deal for the Children, Good Deal for the Mining Companies

H.R. 5544: Bad Deal for the Children, Good Deal for the Mining Companies


Must-see exhibit at the Frameworks Gallery

The current show at the Frameworks Gallery, “Polly Norman - Summer Blast,” offers an unexpected treat—while Norman’s photography alone is worth seeing, it is sharing space with some very fine paintings and sculpture by a diverse group of artists.  


FREE SPEECH ZONE | From across the river... notes on Wisconsin Recall

Driving to the Chippewa Club last night to watch the election returns with fellow Pepin Democrats, I made a point of listening to the Twins game rather than early election results.


FREE SPEECH ZONE | Can the Vikings Stadium be stopped?

Council Member Gary Schiff addressed a rally of anti-stadium activists before the vote on Friday.


Confused about marriage

Minnesotans are gathering in kitchens and living rooms across the state to talk about gay marriage. Here is a slice of the conversation.  Video by Pam Colby and Joah Colby, voices by Terry Gydesen and Janet Bayliss.

FREE SPEECH ZONE | Mahtomedi Zephyr Wind Project is community-wide effort and powerful educational tool

The 120-foot Mahtomedi Zephyr Wind Turbine stands tall at the Mahtomedi High School athletic field, generating power and serving as an educational tool for the community. Photo by Jeff Ledermann.

About six years ago, on a cool, windy fall evening at a Mahtomedi High School soccer game, parents sat huddled together, trying to stay warm.


FREE SPEECH ZONE | BelAhdan and the virginity war in Egypt

A glorious 18 days of massive demonstration in Egypt, (allover Egypt)18 million people went to street demanding dignity and freedom, on February 11th, 2011 Egyptian Ex dictator Housni Mubarak stepp


FREE SPEECH ZONE | The Second Chance Prom: Dancing with the Minnesota Freedom Band

Marriage is a cobalt sky

Last night I attended the Minnesota Freedom Band’s “Second Chance Prom” at a glittery dance center in a St. Paul strip mall.


BBB Tips for Avoiding Rental Property Scams

Where do you turn if you’re in the market for a new place to live? A lot of people go online to find affordable rental properties. But before beginning your search, the Better Business Bu

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