Nominations open for 2010 Community and Ethnic Media Awards

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Update: The 2010 Minnesota Ethnic and Community Media Awards have been postponed until further notice.


Real journalism at the Capitol

The Uptake does real journalism - in video, with lots of volunteers and on a low budget - and it has fought for the right of non-traditional journalists to report from and on the state legislature. After leading a successful push for access last year, over the objections of some legislators from both parties, The Uptake now faces a new challenge from media colleagues.


Anonymity - maybe for ""

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Recently, the Cleveland Plain Dealer revealed that one of its pseudonymous commenters is, in fact, a judge who commented on cases that were currently before her, including a capital murder case.


Citizen journalism, old school

A friend of Jay Gabler sent him a reminiscence about "old school" citizen journalism from the 1960s.


Crowdsourcing and the news

Crowdsourcing the news - gathering information from anyone who chooses to contribute - has some obvious possibilities and problems, starting with:



Who writes for the Daily Planet?

I just compiled a list of writers who contributed to the TC Daily Planet during the first part of 2010.


Teaching kids the wrong lesson

This time it's not a parent or a teacher, but the news media who are teaching kids the wrong lesson - about politics, about protest, and about civic participation.


Twin Cities Homeless Man Walking - and writing

He calls himself "Twin Cities White Collar Homeless Man Walking," and he describes himself as "a 54 [year-old] white collar professional with over 27 years of mkt.


New media follows history on the Hill

Photo by Patrick Ness, via Facebook

I couldn't get to the 5 a.m.

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